Let it Happen!

Summer time, not usually an exciting time for Canadian sports fans.

Except for a few of us outsiders who actually like sports other than hockey.

Baseball is…don’t tell anyone…my favourite sport. That feels almost sacrilegious to say being a Canadian, almost as bad as saying I like Starbucks more than Tim Horton’s coffee.

Yup, guilty again.

So why is this post called Let it Happen you ask?

It’s kind of my life motto, kind of my go-to advice to someone when they ask me what they should do.

Should I marry this girl? Let it Happen!

Im flat broke but should I go to Miami for Chris’ stag? Let it Happen!

You get the idea.

So back to baseball, where we can apply this Let it Happen motto to something tangible…the upcoming trade deadline.

Many teams will be looking to bolster their line-ups for a run at glory. A lot of these GM’s will be sweating wondering is this guy really worth dealing my prized youngn’s for.

I’ll tell you which guys these GM’s should just not worry about and just Let it Happen.

1) Carlos Beltran

Washington DC - Navy Yard: Nationals Park - Ca...

Image by wallyg via Flickr

Yeah the guy’s track record with injuries blows, but adding a switch hitting stud to your playoff roster is worth the risk. I’m sure the Mets would also help out with his big $ deal a bit as long as they get some badly needed youngn’s to their farm system

2) Jose Reyes

New York Mets SS - José Reyes

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I think I’ve drafted this guy in my fantasy league 3 straight years, so I’m a little biased. This is a no brainer, just go wild and blow the prized possessions on this guy.

3) Mike Adams, Heath Bell, San Diego Bullpen

Heath Bell San Diego Padres

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One of the evil empires will stock pile closers I’m sure. Yanks, Phils need some back end help so they’ll be vultures I’m sure

4) Blue Jays pen

What you will learn quickly is I’m a Blue Jays fanatic. I watch these guys daily so I know what this pen is made of. I think Dotel and Frasor are the most attractive to teams. Dotel is a name brand reliever who can still own righties and Frasor is pretty dependable all though he has to be one of the slowest working pitchers in the league…just throw it already, deep breaths are overrated

Jason Frasor

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5) Colby Rasmus

Ok, this is for my man AA in Toronto. Rock this deal already. I see this kind of like how we got underachieving Escobar out of Atlanta.

Colby Rasmus

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I think in a new environment  this kid is going to rake.

Well I think that’s enough for my first ever post. I plan on it definitely not being the last.