Tale of 2 Lockouts

Could these 2 lockouts be any more different?

I don’t think I’ve talked to anyone who thinks the NFL will be locked out for the upcoming season. Even though the wheeling and dealing has been going on for months, no one expects the talks to fail.

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Can you imagine if it did fail, it won’t, but imagine the impact on relationships if it did? 

Husbands and boyfriends who have that Sunday morning and afternoon excuse from chores, errands, etc. would all of a sudden have no excuses anymore.

Would divorce rates go buck?

Feb 12: Chores

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Maybe, or maybe they’d go down because of more quality time being spent with family on Sundays.

Would hockey gain popularity in the states?

Yeah, ok

Anyway, it looks like the players and owners are coming close to a deal so that just leaves the ballers in the NBA.

I’m going to be honest and say that my interest in the NBA has declined steadily over the years after Mr. Jordan called it quits.

Actually, the league kind of pisses me off.

I grew up watching amazing ball, with Bird, Magic, Jordan, Barkley, etc.

These guys were my idols, I watched them not only on the court but in funny commercials, movies, cartoons.

Can you imagine any of the “stars” in the league now starring in a remake of Space Jam or happy meal commercials for Micky D’s?

Cover of

Cover of Space Jam (Two-Disc Special Edition)

The league had a different image back in the day. The image now is kind of mafia like with David Stern being the Godfather.

Godfather Marlon Brando Vector

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You have unreal contracts to mid level players like Rashard Lewis and my boy Hedo “Ball” Turkoglu.

Hedo Turkoglu at the Washington Wizards v/s Or...

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You have players complaining and trying to get coaches fired, or refusing to go into a game for garbage time because it’ll hurt their Twitter rep.

Gilbert Arenas playing with the Washington Wizards

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You have players bringing guns to the office?!??!?!

You have crooked refs.

Tim Donaghy's Mugshot

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This league is a mess and I haven’t even touched on the actual product on the court which other than the playoffs is absolutely awful basketball.

College ball is a much truer representation of what basketball should be.

North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Duke Blue Devils ...

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An 8 point lead with 10 minutes left is not a big lead in college, but in the NBA regular season it’s in the bag.

College ball utilizes plays, offensive sets, etc.

The NBA most of the time is lets give it to one guy and all back away and let him go one on one.

Here’s hoping that the lockout not only brings financial sanity back into the NBA, but also maybe gives them time to take a look at the game itself.

The NHL did it with their rule changes and it made the game better.

I’m sure the NBA can do the same thing and bring back a former die hard fan back into loving the game again.