Return of the Mack

With the return of Jaromir Jagr to the NHL and the rumoured return of Alexei Yashin (yeah, I know), it got me thinking of what other players would be cool to see back on the ice.

How about my beloved Vancouver Canucks? Other than the annoying lets trade our goalie chants, the other most popular request is adding toughness to the line up.

My thinking is that a goon doesn’t really need to play more than say 5 minutes of total ice, so I’m sure some of the former goons from the Rock em Sock em videos could make a come back.

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I mean, some of them have performed 5 min figure skating routines on that Battle of the Blades reality show, so cardio shouldn’t be an issue.

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So I say we bring this guy back.

Wow, can you imagine if someone rocked what he did in that clip now?

What former star do you think could still lace ’em up?

…they don’t have to be good…maybe just last a whole game.