Somebody Stop the Bleeding

With their 4-1 loss to the Yankees today the Seattle Mariners have shockingly lost 17 straight games.

It’s not like this is the worst team in the league or anything…they were a .500 ball club and just a few games out of 1st in their division when the slide started.

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So how does this losing streak stack up against some other ugly losing streaks? Check this article out to see some other doozies.

If you’re Eric Wedge, what do you say in the locker room? I’m sure he raged after probably the 9th or 10th loss, but after 17 is there anything else to say?

Maybe a reverse psychology approach might be appropriate?

Like throwing a party in the locker room after the next loss. Kind of like when a team wins a pennant.

Full on Dom Perignon, t-shirts, hats, goggles…too much?

Chuck Crow/The Plain Dealer

It can’t hurt.

I feel especially bad for one of my favourite players Ichiro.

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He is having his worse year to date and seems to have lost a step or two on the base baths.

Maybe all the losing and the bleak future outlook of the team is wearing on him.

Would they ever dare move Ichiro?

He makes significant coin and ownership has been trying to pare down the payroll.

I haven’t seen his name come up anywhere in trade deadline rumours, but you’d think any contending team would love to have him.

He is the face of the franchise though, so the fans may revolt and not show up to watch the rebuild.


So when will the streak end? Their ace King Felix is up tomorrow and he is 2-0 career at New Yankee Stadium. Phil Hughes goes for the Yanks and he has been shaky since coming back from the DL with a not so hawt 6.46 ERA.

Ok fine, I’ll predict it, the losing streak ends tomorrow.

Nalstradamus score prediction is 6-2 Mariners.