Its Settled, AP is Guaranteed 400 Carries This Season

Someone already beat me to the Madden roster change…

With the addition of Donovan McNabb and the loss of Sidney Rice the Vikings have all but guaranteed that AP will be receiving a ridiculous spike in carries.

Donovan’s days of a gunslinging stud are past and even if he still had the mad skills of yesteryear who would he throw to?

Especially the deep ball so that he can free up the underneath where Harvin thrives.

Other than Harvin…the picking is slim

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Not that having AP be the centre of the offence is a bad thing or anything. He is the beast of all beasts and arguably the best back in the league. So why not hand him the rock every chance you get?

I actually think this will be good for the Vikings (maybe not so good for AP’s knees, bones or future retirement plans) as now their fans don’t have to worry about Favre launching blind cross field passes into triple coverage.

Now they can just sit back and watch AP bowl people over while eating up clock and giving their usually stellar D’ some time to rest.

If I get first pick in my fantasy football pool I’m definitely going with AP.

Nalstradamus’ prediction for AP’s final stats:

402 carries 1850 yards 19 TD’s

40 REC 450 yards 2 TD’s