It’s Ok…Let it all out…

Am I a mean person for laughing at that clip? Don’t lie, you laughed…

I’d probably weep if my favourite player Roy Halladay gave me something.

Actually I probably would be so nervous I wouldn’t be able to say anything.

No, actually I’m more likely to fart or do something else ridiculous which then would lead me to cry anyway.

A quick google search on crying in sports led me to some great pics…enjoy.


Give me the baaaaaaaaaaaaall

This time I'm serious...

I was wide open!!!!!

This has nothing to do with sports...oh well

Have you ever cried because of some sports moment?

It could be you’re own moment, like taking your D – Division slow pitch team to the league title or  maybe clinching the World Series in the 7th game in the video game MLB the Show.