Moss Best Ever? Nah Nah Kid

I think almost all would say Jerry Rice is the best WR of all time, but how about some love for your boy who doesn’t cut cheques?

Can you make an argument for Moss being the best ever?


Career totals: 13 seasons, 954 Rec, 14858 yards, 153 TD’s

Yearly averages: 73 Rec, 1143 yards, 12 TD


Career totals: 20 seasons, 1549 Rec, 22895 yards, 197 TD’s

Yearly averages: 77 Rec, 1144 yards, 1o TD

How do these 2 stack up in other categories?

Rings, Awards, Bling: RICE

No contest here, Rice won 3 Super Bowls and was even a Super Bowl MVP

Video Games: MOSS

This is not even close, Moss is probably the best Madden character ever made (next to Vick in that one year, I can’t remember which).

Dancing: RICE

Ok, who am I kidding, it’s not even close.

Rice is the best ever and probably the best overall player to ever play.

I think Moss could still play if he wanted to.

I mean if teams still are willing to take T.O. or Ochocinco, Moss could definitely still play.

Personally I hope he stays retired, I kind of got tired of him ruining fantasy football teams with his I’ll play if I feel like it attitude.