No Pressure Buddy

Brett Lawrie makes his long awaited debut tonight for the Jays.

He is the most hyped Blue Jays prospect probably since Roy Halladay.

Since Spring training there has been a constant buzz around this 21 year old kid from Langley, BC.

He had a great spring and almost made the team right from the get-go.

He has been a beast down in the minors and it was clear AAA wasn’t posing much of a challenge.

Check out these stats: .353 avg, 18 HR, 61 RBI, 13 SB, 24 doubles, in 69 games…GIGGIDY.

Glenn Quagmire

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There are unreal expectations on this guy right now. Not only is he a solid prospect, but he’s Canadian and the first Canadian stud prospect to play for the Jays.

The media, the fans, me, TO girls, we’re all drooling right now.

To make room for Lawrie someone had to get sent down and the victim was Travis Snider.

With Snider gone this means Jose Bautista will be moved back to right field and Eric Thames will platoon over in Left.

There have been a lot of fans calling for Bautista to stay at third base and instead have Lawrie move to 2nd base to take over for struggling Aaron Hill (Lawrie was a 2nd baseman previously).

What these people don’t understand is Bautista is more of a weapon in right field than he is at 3rd. There aren’t many outfielders in the game today with a bigger cannon (that’s his arm, perverts) than him.

Teams think twice before sending players home or for the extra base when Bautista gets the ball in right. This in itself saves countless runs for the pitching staff.

The Aaron Hill saga will play itself out in the offseason, as will Snider’s future.

Possibly they package both for a closer or another starter.

Anyway, that’s another rant, back to my new man crush Lawrie…would it be weird, creepy, if I went out and bought his jersey today?

Ok Ok, back to reality.

Do I think he is going to dominate the majors for the rest of the season?

No, like every rookie there will be highs and more often than not, frustrating lows.

One only needs to go back one season and look at JP Arencibia, 1st game he goes bonkers for 2 jacks, then fades away the rest of the summer.

Here is my fearless, probably not so reliable prediction for the rest of the season for Mr. Lawrie…

51 games, .275 avg, 7 HR, 31 RBI, 9 SB

Wow, I just saw a commercial promoting tonights Blue Jays game…you have to be a member of the book of face to see it

I hope he doesn’t watch the commercial before today’s game, he might poop himself.