Home Game Anyone?

Rivered again!

Alex Rodriguez is not only battling to get back onto the diamond from knee surgery, but now he also has to deal with a gambling investigation by MLB for allegedly participating in “underground” high stakes poker games.

I’m not really sure how underground these poker games were. When I hear underground poker game, I’m thinking of a game in the back of a Hell’s Angels bar or maybe the back of some mafia run italian restaurant. It sounds like these games were held at mansions with other bizillionaires and A-Listers like Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Tobey McGuire. Basically the same home game you and I play….. just in a bigger house with 5000 times more money.


At first glance it doesn’t really look that bad, it’s just boys night out…on a ridonkulous scale. The unfortunate problem for ARod is MLB hates gambling and has clear, strict rules against it. Just ask the all-time hits leader Pete Rose how much MLB hates gambling. What makes things worse is that MLB had previously warned ARod to stop going all-in. It looks like the poker itch was just too itchy for him to stay away. The severity of the punishment if found guilty is unknown. However, I personally don’t think MLB can suspend one of it’s stars for playing in a private game with his buddies.I’m sure he’s not the only one who plays. Actually I bet almost all teams have a cash game going during flights to road games.

So why even make this investigation public or why even do it at all? I think the league just wants to send a message to it’s staff to say; we’re watching you, so be good boys and don’t get caught up in the wrong crowd and make our business look bad. The league seems to be doing quite well for itself these days and the last thing they need is some gambling scandal ruining all their hard work since the last lockout.

By the way, you’d think Matt Damon owns at these games…