Steve Williams…Just Carry the Bag…Please

This whole Steve Williams vs. Tiger fiasco is ridiculous. It ruined an amazing performance from Adam Scott, who played out of his mind this weekend en route to winning the WGC Bridgestone Invitational. The media is to blame for this whole soap opera. Egging Williams on to give venomous quotes to fuel some controversy to get people to watch golf is just sad. Just shows how the media loves to f#@k with people’s perceptions and beliefs. I find it funny how the media turns on Woods, golf’s golden ticket, so easily. He is the most important player to the PGA. It’s a fact, more people watch golf when Tiger is playing well. It’s definitely the only time I watch golf.  It’s time for the media to stick to interviewing the guys who play, who actually swing the clubs and put the ball in the hole. Not the guys who carry a bag and wipe down balls. Best week of your life eh Steve? Wow, thanks for saying it 6 or 7 times in the video above.

I’m no golf expert, but I’m sure caddies lose their jobs on a regular basis. So what’s the big deal? Should we all feel sorry for Williams because Tiger fired him? Boo hoo! Do you know how much money Tiger made this guy? Does Tiger owe him anything? Other than the house he lives in, the car he drives, the clothes his wife wears, the toilet he poops in (too much)? C’mon now! This whole view that this weekend was some kind of grand vindication for Williams is ludicrous. I wanted to throw things at the TV when the gallery was chanting Ste-Vie Will-iams when Scott walked up the 18th.

Here’s hoping Tiger uses this garbage as training motivation. I’m pulling hard (sounds wrong) for him to get back on form and shut these haters up. Who’s with me???