NFL Futures, lets make some $

Does that video get you pumped? It gets me going so much I started to look into how I can blow some money I don’t have on football. This may be the best time to put in some NFL future wagers if your thinking some dog’s might have their day. Lets start with…

Super Bowl Winner:

New England 6-1

Green Bay 6-1

Philadelphia 15-2

San Diego 10-1

NY Jets 10-1

Pittsburgh 11-1

Atlanta 14-1

Indianapolis 14-1

Baltimore 16-1

New Orleans 16-1

Dallas 18-1

The top 3 are obvious favourites, but I’m liking the value on powerhouse teams like Indy, NO and Pittsburgh. Atlanta is also intriguing at 14-1…so tempting. My extremely early Super Bowl prediction is the Jets Vs Packers with Rex Ryan annoyingly taking the victory. 10-1 eh…


Peyton Manning 4-1

Tom Brady 9-2

Aaron Rodgers 5-1

Drew Brees 7-1

Mike Vick 15-2

Chris Johnson 10-1

Matt Ryan 12-1

(Im skipping a bunch of QB’s)

Maurice Jones-Drew 14-1

Adrian Peterson 15-1

The majority of the favourites are QB’s and this is to be expected as the last 4 MVP’s have been either Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. LaDainian Tomlinson was the last non-QB to win in 2006. There’s little value in this category unless you roll the dice and go with a RB. I like Adrian Peterson at 15-1. You know he’s going to get an unreal amount of carries this year (click here to read my post on AP predictions for this year). The favourite though has to be Rodgers.

Individual Team Win Totals

Buffalo 5.5 (over -105) I know this team’s bad, but I think they are good for 6-7 wins this year. Offence is decent with Steve Johnson and Lee Evans out wide and Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller in the backfield. The defence was horrendous last year against the run, but should be somewhat better with Marcell Dareus in the middle of the d-line.

Kansas City 8 (over -105) They won 10 last year and I think they can do it again this year. The offence is explosive with home run hitters Dwayne Bowe and Jamaal Charles. The defence is young, but showed some promise last year. Eric Berry is a superstar in the making.

Cincinnati 5.5 (under -105) This team is going nowhere. An awful team in a tough division. Is Carson Palmer going to play or retire? They won 4 last year, so I don’t really see how they are that much better this time around. If the total was 4.5 I’d take the under.

* Odds for all taken from Sportsinteraction

That should satisfy your pigskin appetite for now. Think I missed any possible value or disagree with any of my picks above? Let me know.