Thursday, feels like a good day to do some pollin’

With only 45 or so games left the MLB yearly award races are getting tight. Lets put it to a vote shall we?

My vote is with Justin Verlander. Tied for first in wins, first in K’s, 3rd in ERA and a no-no against my Jays (obviously he out cheated the Jays that game). I threw James Shield’s into the poll because he’s quietly having a stellar season. He has 8 complete games thus far…I think that’s more than some teams entire staffs.

Has to be Doc right? 1st in wins, 3rd in ERA, 4th in K’s, 1st in complete games. Kershaw is a close 2nd in my opinion, such a good record on an awful team makes him that much more studly.

This one will be tight to the finish. I’m going to go with Granderson. I think he will lead the AL in jacks when all is said and done. Voters dig the long ball.

First of all…Lance Berkman? Where did this come from? Second of all, I have 2 of these guys on my fantasy team and I won’t be in the league playoffs. Somebody’s cheating. Anyway, enough babble. My NL MVP is Reyes. He probably won’t win, but I think he should. He leads the league in average, 2nd in steals, 2nd in hits, all while missing 18 or 19 games and counting due to his fragile hamstrings. The Mets can’t score or win without him.

…and just for fun

Phillies or Red Sox right?  That’s boring, I’ll go with the Texas Rangers. They made it all the way last year, so they definitely know what it takes to get there.  We all know they can utterly destroy the baseball so it all rests on their starting pitching. Can they get enough from Wilson, Lewis, Ogando and Harrison to make it to their scary bullpen? If they can they have a shot because their bullpen is lights out. Oliver, Uehara, Adams and Feliz, that is one sick late inning party. So I’m going to go with Rangers Vs. Phillies in the final. Rangers in 7.