Locker Vs. Newton, Who’ll be better?

I apologize for the awful music in those videos. The top 2 QB’s taken in this past draft got their feet wet in NFL preseason action this past week. They both played well, Newton went 8-19 for 134 yards leading two field goal scoring drives while Locker went 7-10 for 89 yards including a 45 yard TD pass. Naturally this has me thinking, who will end up being the better QB when all is said and done.

Obviously Newton has the better athleticism and explosiveness, but Locker appears to have an edge when it comes down to coachability, attitude and ability to be a leader in the locker room. Cam Newton played in a un-NFL like system where it was a one read, not open, ok lets just book it kind of scheme. So Locker might have the edge in adjusting to the pro-offense quicker. However, Newton has the big play ability where in any single play he could bust out a 60 yard run or bomb a deep TD pass off his back foot. Both of these guys come with some accuracy concerns so no advantages to either there. In regards to the road to the starter role, Newton has a clearer path than Locker (Clausen vs. Hasselbeck). However, that’s not necessarily all a good thing. Locker can sit and learn behind a proven vet in Hasselbeck and be eased into action, whereas Newton likely will take over from Clausen early in the season (maybe even be the starter right away) and fly by the seat of his pants.

It’s a tough choice, but I think I’m going to go with Locker in the long run. Cam Newton has superstar potential, but with QB’s I’ll take the one with the better maturity and leadership intangibles. Just take a look at Mike Vick and Vince Young as recent examples. I rest my case.

So vote above and tell me why you picked who you did.