Baseball vs Hockey Fans

Just got back to my hotel room after watching the Blue Jays at Safeco Field. Watching the Jays in Seattle has become an annual ritual for me and the wife. As per usual there were a bunch of other Jays fans in the crowd. Usually we end up sitting In a section surrounded by other Jays fans. Tonight though we were surrounded by Mariners fans.

It was entertaining not only because the Jays won, but it was also fun listening to the Mariners fans around me give their ‘expert’ baseball opinions. Maybe I was wrong to assume that because I was in the States the people should know more about baseball. It really was no different than watching a Canucks game back home. You know the people Im talking about. The people backseat coaching/commentating from the stands the entire game, but mostly giving the absolute wrong advice/commentary. The people screaming ‘shoot’ during the powerplay when there’s no one in front creating traffic or no shooting lane to the net.

Yeah it was no different at Safeco tonight. I was laughing my ass of at the guy behind me who was baffled with each Morrow strikeout because he felt Morrow had nothing special. Umm, the guy was throwing 98 on the outside corner. The same guy was also convinced Morrow purposely hit Casper Wells in the head and he wanted blood. Yes, Morrow defintely wanted to bean someone to load the bases with 2 outs to bring the possible tying run to the batters box. Another lady behind me was furious at a fielding error by the Mariners 3rd baseman. She went as far to proudly yell if she was paid as much as him she could have made the play. By the way, this woman barely fit in her seat so yeah good luck getting down to field those balls lady.

I know fans pay good money to watch live games so they have the right to say what they want. I just wish the kind of fans I talked about earlier realize that no one cares what they would have done in that at bat/shift because the true fans want to just watch the game. If they wanted to here someone natter about each play they would have stayed home and watched on TV.

Rant complete