A lot happens in a week

I just got back from a much needed vacation. The wifey and I did a whirlwind tour of Seattle, Portland and the Oregon Coast. We tried to stay as disconnected from the world as possible (no IPhones, no TV). It felt good just relaxing and enjoying life with little stress from the real world…So naturally as soon as I walked in our front door I turned on the TV to see what I missed in the world of sports 🙂 Looks like I missed a lot. It’s kind of daunting and intimidating trying to get back into writing about sports because I feel like I’m completely out of the loop.  However, I’m sure it won’t take long for me to get going again, I’ll just try and slowly work my way back into a groove.

One of the stories that I missed that sticks out the most is the Blue Jays trading Aaron Hill and John McDonald to Arizona for Kelly Johnson. The Diamondbacks did well in getting McDonald to solidify shortstop since they lost Stephen Drew in July and getting Hill for Johnson is basically a push since both are pending free agents and both are struggling. I’m not surprised about Hill being traded, the writing has been on the wall for quite some time. I’m pretty sure Johnny Mac will be back with the Jays next year so my sadness on losing him is temporary. If Johnson has a good 5 week stint with the Jays he likely will re-sign. He’s just a stop gap and likely not the long term solution at 2nd base. I’m thinking something will be done with either Lawrie or Hechavarria to convert one of them to be the 2nd baseman of the future.

Anyway, that’s enough for today, I have to devour a week’s worth of sports articles to get up to speed. Oh and for the ultra geeks out there…I’m downloading this tonight…no I won’t tell you how I’m getting it 3 days earlier than expected…I need to have as many online advantages as possible 🙂