Breakin’ the Bank…CHA CHING!

* Explicit lyrics in video below…prrrrrrrrrrrat

Mike Vick is riiiiiiich after signing a 6 year, 100 million dollar deal. As the song says, first you get the money, then the muthafu#@$% power, then the muthafu@#$#$ respect. Vick has the 1st part down and I’ll give him the 2nd, but I’m sure he doesn’t have most people’s respect yet. After all big $$$ deals the first thing people ask…is the guy worth it? To help you answer this question, here are what his other rich QB brethren are making (yearly salary averages, salaries taken from


Mike Vick with Philadelphia

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Aaron Rodgers – 10.8 mil

Tom Brady – 15.7 mil

Peyton Manning – 18 mil

I consider the above 3 to be the top 3 QB’s in the league right now. Vick is now more baller than all but Peyton.

How about some other top tiered gun slingers:

Philip Rivers – 14 mil

Sam Bradford – 13 mil

Ben Roethilsberger – 12.8 mil

Matt Ryan – 12 mil

Matthew Stafford – 12 mil

Drew Brees – 10 mil

(I have a wee inkling that Mr. Bradford will end up being the top cheese of this group in the next few years, he looks like the real deal.)

Now back to the question in hand, is Vick worth his weight in gold? I say…PAY THE MAN. Yes he has a checkered past, yes last year was his first as a starter since 2006, yes he is prone to injury, but who else can do what he does? The guy is a threat to pass for 3000 yards and rush for 1000 yards, no other QB can put those combination of numbers up. However, a strong argument would be that he hasn’t won a Super Bowl yet so he doesn’t deserve to be paid like other Super Bowl winners (just for fun, Eli Manning’s avg. salary is 15.3 mil). Ok Ok, I hear ya there, but with the other additions the Eagles have made this offseason its looking like the Eagles are one of the favourites to win it all. So lets put it to a vote shall we…

Back up your reasons for your choice in the comment section below.