The Dog Days are Over

The dog days of August have now past and it’s onto the home stretch in MLB. September is a time for the final playoff push for a few teams, but for most teams it’s a time where they can call up some prospects to give them a taste of the bigs or to give some vets in the minors a mini thank you for paying their dues. Here are a few September call-ups I’ll be watching:

1) Dustin McGowan – Blue Jays

Dustin McGowan

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McGowan isn’t a rookie prospect, but his story is incredible. He last pitched in the bigs in 2008. Since that time he’s had 2 major surgeries on his pitching shoulder and it was thought the chances of him returning to the majors were slim to none. Well he’s beat the odds and will join the Blue Jays pen for the rest of the season. Here’s hoping his fragile arm finds a way to hold up to allow him to showcase the talents that made fans drool a few years back.

2) Stephen Strasburg – Nationals

Stephen Strasburg

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Strasburg is the most hyped pitching prospect in the last decade, maybe in history. He answered all the hype in his major league debut last year when he struck out 14 batters in his first game and threw 34 pitches 98 MPH or faster. He ended last year striking out 92 in 68 innings before he was forced to shut it down due to an elbow injury requiring the dreaded Tommy John surgery. The 23 year old is set to return tomorrow after 12 months of rehab. Hopefully he’s not returning too soon because his stuff is just insane…100 mile an hour heat with a change up in the 90’s??!?? Nuts!

3) Jesus Montero – Yankees

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Many thought the 21 year old catching stud would have broke with the Yanks out of the gates, but a poor spring showing sent him down to the minors for some seasoning. Looks like the extra work in the minors has done some good as he was hitting .385 since his September 1st call up going into action today (he hit 2 bombs in today’s game). Must be deflating to the other teams in the AL when the Yanks not only have a first place team, but also some premium talent waiting in the wings to keep the train rolling in the future.

*4) Matt Moore – Rays

I put an asterisk next to Moore because there’s no guarantee he’ll see action in the bigs this year. He’s another young stud pitcher the Rays seem to be in endless supplies of. His stats this year are perverted:

12-3, 1.92 ERA, 210 k’s in 155 innings

That’s enough for now, time to get back to researching for my upcoming fantasy football draft.