2011 AFC Predictions

Two days left until the start of the NFL season. That means it’s prediction time. I’m going to start with the AFC today and tomorrow I’ll do the NFC. Enough of this playful banter lets get right to it.

AFC East

1) New England

2) New York Jets (W)

3) Buffalo

4) Miami

Probably the easiest division to call. The top two teams are miles ahead of the bottom 2. The Jets will give the Pats a good run for the top spot, but I’ll give the Pats at least one more hurrah at the top. Who is Miami’s starting running back? It can’t be Reggie Bush can it? I think I saw Larry Johnson on their pre-season roster…scary.

AFC North

1) Pittsburgh

2) Baltimore (W)

3) Cleveland

4) Cincinnati

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The Super Bowl runner up Steelers are still the class of this division, the defence is top tier and the offence is explosive. I’m giving the Ravens a wild card nod, but barely. The defence is starting to show holes as the years go on especially in the secondary (21st in the league last year).  Cleveland is a team on the rise and I see them winning more than the 5 games they won last year…maybe 8-9. Cincinnati…wow…they’ll be lucky to win 3 games.

AFC South

1) Houston

2) Indianapolis

3) Tennessee

4) Jacksonville

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It’s looking more and more like Peyton Manning’s neck issues are serious and without him the Colts can’t win. Houston’s offence is game breaking and their d should be improved with Wade Phillips as the d-coordinator. Jacksonville seems like an 8-8 team year after year, with Luke McCown as the new starter I don’t see that improving much.

AFC West

1) San Diego

2) Kansas City

3) Oakland

4) Denver

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This is Norv Turner’s last chance in my opinion. Last year’s disappointing showing won’t be tolerated again. This division is pretty soft so if the Chargers play close to decent they should win this division comfortably. The Chiefs are a good looking team and will give the Chargers a good push, but I see them just missing out on the wild card.

Playoff predictions

1) Patriots (Bye)

2) Steelers (Bye)

3) Chargers

4) Texans

5) Jets

6) Ravens

Wild Card Round: Jets over Texans, Chargers over Ravens

Divisional Round: Jets over Patriots, Chargers over Steelers

Conference Championship: Jets over Chargers (3 straight playoff road wins you ask? Sure why not?)


New York Jets logo

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You disagree with any of the above? Then spill it kid.