2011 NFC Predictions

1 day to go boys and girls, I’m jacked! I have my fantasy football draft tonight so I’m going straight into the predictions.

NFC East

1) Philadelphia

2) Dallas (w)

3) New York

4) Washington

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The Eagles are clearly the favourite and the ‘Skins are clearly the worst. The Cowboys seem to have rid themselves from misfits and punks so this can only help. The ‘Boys are solid on both sides of the ball and with a healthy Romo this team can play with anyone. If the G’men didn’t have so many injuries on ‘d’ I would have given them the wild card nod. I think Eli is going to go off this season.

NFC North

1) Green Bay

2) Chicago

3) Detroit

4) Minnesota

A tough division, but clearly the defending Super Bowl champs are the pimp daddies here. I picked Minny to come last because their usual strength, the d’line, is in flux with Kevin Williams suspended to start the year and Pat Williams no longer with the team. Their offence is also a question mark other than AP of course. Detroit is an exciting team (did I just say that) and I think they’ll make strides this year, but their youngsters are a year or 2 away from really challenging for a playoff spot. I wanted to give the Bears a wild card nod, but that offensive line is awful.

NFC South

1) New Orleans

2) Atlanta (w)

3) Tampa Bay

4) Carolina

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This division is tough to call because 1-3 could easily win the division. I picked the Saints because I think their defence will be improved this year and I think they’ll run the ball more this year and balance out their offensive attack. It was tough for me not to pick Atlanta, but they didn’t do much to their weak secondary in the offseason. Tampa Bay could surprise us all and win this division, but I’ll give them one more year of watching the playoffs from the outside looking in.

NFC West

1) St. Louis

2) Arizona

3) Seattle

4) San Francisco

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Your guess is as good as mine on who wins this division. St. Louis has a star in the making in Sam Bradford and a workhorse in the backfield with Steven Jackson…that should be good enough 🙂 7-9 could be good enough again this year to win the division.

Playoff Predictions

1) Green Bay – Bye

2) New Orleans – Bye

3) Philadelphia

4) St. Louis

5) Atlanta

6) Dallas

Wild Card Round

Dallas over Philadelphia, Atlanta over St. Louis

Divisional Round

Green Bay over Dallas, New Orleans over Atlanta

Conference Championship

Green Bay over New Orleans

Super Bowl

Everyone’s worst nightmare…Jets over Packers

Image via Boston Metro