L.L. Cool Jays

21 year old Brett Lawrie from Langley. Opening eyes everywhere hitting .303, 9HR 23RBI and 7SB

A pair of BC boys are making some noise with the Jays as the MLB season winds to a close. Brett Lawrie and Adam Loewen are showing Jays fans what may be coming in the not so distant future. I’ve already blabbed about my man crush on Brett Lawrie here and here so I won’t drool that much here…Ok, maybe just a little bit. He has met all the hype and if it’s at all possible he seems to have exceeded the lofty expectations everyone had for him prior to his call-up. There was even talk already about him being a future Hall of Famer on a sports radio talk show…now that’s insane for someone who has only played 38 games in the bigs. However, I see where these people are coming from, he has all the make-up of not just an all-star, but a superstar. A great example of his make-up came in the Jays’ last game against the Red Sox on Wednesday. He was a dead duck on a play at home and instead of letting up or giving a weak slide, he decided to try and bowl over the much bigger Jason Varitek. He ended up losing that battle, but he likely gained tons of respect from his teammates and he likely was the spark that triggered the Jays late game comeback (Click here to see the collision).

27 year old Adam Loewen from Vancouver, BC. Making the most of his September Call-up, hitting .357. (Darren Calabrese/Canadian Press)

Adam Loewen on the other hand has come up to the bigs with much less hype than Lawrie. However, the journey he has taken to get back to the bigs is an amazing story. Drafted 4th overall by Baltimore in 2002 as a starter, he pitched 3 seasons with the Orioles compiling an 8-8 record with a 5.38 ERA. In 2008 he fractured his throwing elbow for the second time and was told his pitching days were likely over. Most would have retired and lived off the millions of dollars of salary and signing bonuses, but Loewen chose not to give up. He decided to try and convert himself into an outfielder just like Rick Ankiel did. Now I want you to understand how crazy of an idea that choice was. He was a pitcher and he hadn’t swung a bat competitively in years. He was going to re-learn how to hit and then try and work his way from low A ball all the way back to the big leagues. It’s hard for me to give an example using another sport, how about Ray Lewis all of a sudden deciding he was going to quit being a linebacker and instead go to the CFL to learn how to be a QB. Well, Loewen beat the odds and is back in the bigs as an outfielder. He’s seen limited action since his call-up, but recently has been getting some timely hits with game tying and winning RBI’s. I’m not sure if he fits in the long term plans for the Jays as he seems to be buried in the outfield depth chart, but here’s hoping he can be a utility type bench player for the Jays down the road. You never know, an injury here or an extended slump there, might open up a spot for him to try and win a more permanent role with the Jays. Crazier things have happened…Loewen just needs to look to his left in right field and see Bautista, who went from journeyman utility man to superstar in a few short years.