Sal’s Week 2 Predictions

Record to date: 7-7-1

7-7-1 last week...look out

Last weeks results were…meh. I kind of expected that since week 1 is probably the hardest week to make picks on because of the lack of information available. So this week I don’t really have any excuses, so I have to bust through the .500 barrier. Let’s get ’em…

Jacksonville at NYJ -9

Pick: NYJ -9, Luke McCown is going to get owned by Revis and company. I think Santonio Holmes and Plaxico both go buck wild against a weak Jax secondary.

Chicago at New Orleans -6.5

Pick: NO -6.5, give me some more chalk! Chicago looked good last week against Atlanta, but I don’t see them being able to keep up in a shootout type game with Brees and the gang

Oakland at Buffalo – 3

Pick: Oakland +3, Buffalo absolutely destroyed the Chiefs last week, but I foresee a tougher match up against the Raider ‘d.’ Not sure if Buffalo will be able to stop the Raider ground game either.

Arizona at Washington -3.5

Pick: Arizona +3.5, I’m banking on Rex Grossman not being able to have 2 consecutive solid games in a row…can’t happen right? Odds are it won’t even with an Arizona defence that is full of holes.

Baltimore -7 at Tennessee

Pick: Tennessee +7, There has to be a little bit of a let down after crushing their arch rival Steelers last week. I still think Baltimore wins, but not by much.

Seattle at Pittsburgh -14

Pick: Pittsburgh -14, If the line was -20 I’d still probably take the Steelers. They will be raging after being embarrassed last week. Seattle’s offence is awful and it looks like their best WR is out again for this game. Only thing that messes this up is if Pittsburgh lays off the gas and lets the ‘Hawks get some cheap garbage time points to get within the number.

Green Bay -10 at Carolina

Pick: The Champs -10, I think the Pack lay a smack down on Cam Newton this week. It won’t be as easy for Newton as it was last week…Mr. Matthews will be breathing down his neck all game.

Tampa Bay at Minnesota -3

Pick: Minny – 3, I’m not sure why I’m picking the Vikes here, I mean McNabb looked awful last week. However, I think AP will have a huge day, opening holes for McNabb to complete passes to hopefully Harvin who is on my fantasy team.

Cleveland -1.5 at Indy

Pick: Indy +1.5, When was the last time you saw the Browns as faves against the Colts? The Colts have too many vets on the team to let them get embarrassed two weeks in a row. This line is a little fishy, but I’ll take the bait and go with the Colts.

KC at Detroit -9

Pick: KC +9, Yeah they got owned last week, but I think this line is way too high. I can see the Chiefs outright winning this game if they give the ball to Jamaal Charles more (yes he’s also on my fantasy team)

Dallas -3 at San Fran

Pick: The ‘Boys -3, Tony Romo is going to go off this game. Alex Smith will feel the pain of Demarcus Ware early and often.

Houston -3 at Miami

Pick: Houston -3, this was a tough one for me. Kind of similar to the Baltimore situation where I think the Texans may have a let down game after a huge win last week. However, I think Miami is awful and will have trouble keeping up with the Texans high powered offence.

San Diego at New England – 7.5

Pick: San Diego +7.5, I think New England still wins, but by less than a touchdown against a team in the Chargers that I think is actually better than them. Home field does it for the Pats this time around, but I see it being close to keep it within the number.

Cincinnati at Denver -3.5

Pick: Denver -3.5, The Bengals ruined many survivor pools last week, but I just can’t see them winning 2 in a row. So tempting to take the Broncos in my survivor pool…resist Sal…resist.

Philly -3 at Atlanta

Pick: Atlanta +3, Game of the week for sure. Atlanta is coming off a big loss and they will be unbelievably hyped this game to try and ruin Mr. Vick’s comeback to ATL. The fans will be barking (heh) at Vick all game long. The Falcons should watch the tapes from Philly’s last game and realize their offensive line is shaky as hell and I expect to see Falcon blitzes all over the place.

St. Louis at NYG -6

Pick: NYG -6, Man the G’men looked bad last week. Their defence was awful, their offence was out of sync. However, Justin Tuck will be back in the line-up and that will definitely bolster the d. Looks like Hakeem Nicks will be playing and St. Louis is banged up in the secondary and on offence. I see the G’men in a walk.