Hump Day Mega Post

I meant to write the last few days, but I haven’t been home much the last 3-4 days. Therefore, this post is going to be a little on the large side. I’m going multi-sport today and I’ll start with my NFL Week 2 Recap, bullet point style.

  • My weekly picks went 8-6-2 to bring my season total to 15-13-3. Could have gone 10-6 if it weren’t for Buffalo’s late game heroics and Jesse Holley falling 1 yard short of an OT TD.

1 yard from making Cowboy backers $$$. Ron T. Ennis/Zuma Press

  • KC is officially the worst team in the league with the loss of their best player Jamaal Charles. That injury also destroys my fantasy teams hopes this year 😦
  • Cam Newton is for real I guess, back to back 400+ passing games in your first 2 games in the league is bananas. Not sure how Williams and Stewart feel about this pass first attack
  • Speaking of back to back video game like stat lines…Tom Brady is putting up stupid numbers right now. I think he’s on pace for 6000 yards…perverted
  • Tony Romo is a beast…playing through a broken rib and a punctured lung? Wha? No one can say anything bad about this guy ever again
  • The Cowboys offensive line is Bears-like
  • What are the odds Jay Cutler plays the whole season? He is getting rocked every game. If he flat out quit could you blame him?
  • The Lions are 2-0…read that again…let that sink in for a bit…this is no fluke, this team is for real

Do I scare you? No? You're lying

  • Mike Vick not only loses to his old employer but also gets a concussion. I’d like to bet against Atlanta whoever they play next week, there has to be some sort of letdown after that emotional win
  • Does anyone watch Monday Night Football anymore? The Sunday Night Game is by far the best production of the week
  • Kenny Britt looks like the biggest fantasy draft steal of the year so far, Arian Foster may be the biggest bust
  • I don’t think anyone lost in their survivor pools last week, favourites won everywhere except for the Ravens and Eagles
Onto baseball…lets stay with these bullets…lazy? Maybe.
  • Brett Lawrie’s first season has come to a close after he broke a finger fielding a ground ball during batting practice. His final stats are impressive: .293, 9 HR, 25 RBI, 7 SB in 43 games, my predictions on his stats weren’t too far off.
  • The Red Sox are trying to let the Rays catch up to them in the Wild Card race with an awful 3-7 record in their last 10. Lucky for them the Rays can’t beat the Yanks so it looks like they’ll likely squeak their way in.
  • The Braves are doing their best Red Sox impersonation in the National League Wild Card Race. This one could come down to the wire as the Cards are on fire right now and sit just 2 games (as of 7 pm) back of the Braves.
  • Justin Verlander should win both the AL CY Young and the AL MVP, leads all AL pitchers in the 3 main categories of wins (24), strikeouts (244) and ERA (2.29).

MVP and Cy Young? Yes

  • Stephen Strasburg has looked good in his first 3 starts, no walks in 14 innings. He makes All Star team next year, no doubt
Lets end it off with hockey…
I’ve been trying to avoid the topic of hockey for as long as possible. I honestly did not even know the preseason was starting until my wife asked me on Monday if I wanted to go to the first preseason game for the Canucks (she gets free tickets through work…yeah I’m lucky). Of course I said yes and it was a weird feeling for me putting that jersey back on and going back into Rogers Arena. As soon as I sat down a flood of memories of the Stanley Cup playoff run raced through my mind. The wounds are still fresh. I probably dealt with it all the wrong way by just holding it all in and not talking about it for as long as possible. Wow, it sounds like I’m talking about getting dumped or something…kind of disturbing that a sports team can make one feel this way. Anyway, enough of this depressing talk and onto my thoughts on the game.

5th row behind penalty box. Thanks wifey. Terrible resolution...need a new phone

I didn’t recognize half of the names in the line-up for the Canucks. The only projected regulars playing were Marco Sturm, Keith Ballard and I guess you can throw Chris Tanev and Aaron Rome on that list too. The Flames had a lot more regulars in their line-up including their top 4 d-men and it showed for most of the game. The Flames were badly outshooting the ‘Nucks for most of the game, it was 25-11 at one point late in the 2nd period. Canucks who impressed me the most were Owen Nolan, Marco Sturm, Keith Ballard, Jordan Schroeder and Nicklas Jensen. Nolan looked solid, it looked like he was able to keep up with the speed of the game and his hands look like they’re still there. I can see him making the team on the 3rd or 4th line especially with the injuries to Raymond and Kesler. Sturm also looked good in his Canucks debut, but he has Sami Salo durability so we’ll see how much he’s able to contribute this year. Ballard looked smooth and fast on his skates, I’m not sure he was at full strength during last season after offseason hip surgery. The kid line (Schroeder, Jensen and Pinizzotto) got tons of ice time and they deserved it because they were generating chances left, right and centre. Schroeder and Jensen are former first round picks and it was nice seeing them do well. They’re probably both 2-3 years away from a sniff at the NHL level, Jensen is only 18 and Schroeder is 20 so there’s time. 2 Flames that caught my eye were Mikael Backlund and Niklas Hagman. Both of them looked dangerous each time they had the puck. Backlund is someone I’ll probably target late in hockey pools this year because of the chance he plays with Iginla on the top line. The skills there, but we’ll see if he can be consistent.
Now that I’ve broken the hockey seal it’s probably going to take over my life again for the next 10 months. I’m strapping in and I’m ready for the pain…hopefully this year it’s more pleasure than pain. Actually screw hopefully, the Canucks win the cup baby! Lets put some bets on it 🙂