NBA Lockout – Anyone Care

Im posting on my phone tonight as me and the wife are en route to a dinner at our friend’s new place. Thus no fancy videos or photos in this post. Anyway, my first basketball game of the season was last night and I posted an impressive 0-3 from the field with 2 airballs. I did play good defence with a few blocks and some solid boards. I guess Im a Reggie Evans type of player. That doesn’t really translate into anything good when your playing rec ball 🙂 Playing ball last night got me thinking (although briefly) about the NBA lockout. It literally was a 3 minute conversation with one of my teammates and we both just laughed and said who gives a flying f$&%!

Lo and behold I wake up this morning and read that Mr. Stern and his mafia have decided to cancel the entire preseason. I honestly think no one really cares, especially when the NFL is in full swing, baseball playoffs are around the corner and hockey is just about to start.

How long will this thing last? Will they go through contraction? Will they change the rules to make it exciting to watch again? Like I said before, the NBA needs to change its game like the NHL changed its game.

Im getting extremely car sick typing this so I have to stop. Seriously…pull over wifey!