NFL Week 3 Recap…IM ON FIRE

13-3? I should go pro

Wow, I will probably not have a better week than this week with my weekly NFL picks. I went 13-3, but I think I should be 14-2 (greedy? Yup). If you were watching the Green Bay and Chicago game you saw a late game punt return touchdown by the Bears get called back due to a holding call. The announcers were boggled as to where the penalty happened and even did multiple replays to show there was no penalty anywhere to be seen. A little shady if you ask me, maybe Vegas called into the league to get some help 🙂 Naturally I would fade my picks next week because the universe always corrects itself in the world of betting and I’m bound for a drubbing next week.

As usual, rapid fire recap bullets…pop pop pop

  • The biggest news of the week by far is the Bills upsetting the Pats. They end a brutal 15 game losing streak against the Pats and they did it coming back from a 21-0 deficit. It looks like the Bills are on their way to crushing my initial predictions. The defence will give up their points, but it looks like their offence is dare I say…scary?
  • The Lions had a big comeback of their own, coming back from 20-0 down to win in OT. This was their first win in Minny since 1997! Bills and Lions SuperBowl…that would be amazing…crazy and delusional, but amazing.
  • Seriously, Megatron cannot be stopped when healthy. He catches everything
  • If the Eagles can’t figure out their O-Line woes they’ll miss the playoffs and Vick won’t last half the year
  • I think I jinxed Kenny Britt by saying how good he was last week
  • Darren McFadden looks like the best RB in league right now…not named AP of course
  • Drew Brees made Houston’s D look like last year’s Houston D
  • I think Miami wins the Andrew Luck sweepstakes and Sparano doesn’t last the year
  • Atlanta looks in trouble, the D is weak and Michael Turner does not look like the same runner. Their in tough to make the playoffs this year
  • Jermichael Finley may be close to passing Antonio Gates for best TE in the league. I’m not sure if Gates will ever be able to stay healthy again.