Chokin’ It


It’s coming down to the final game in both the AL and NL Wild Card chase. Unbelievably, both races are deadlocked coming down to the final game of the season. Both the Red Sox and the Braves looked like sure bets to make the post-season, but both have choked their way to the brink of missing the playoffs. The Red Sox blew a 9 game lead in 23 days and the Braves let an 8.5 game lead slip away in the last 3 weeks. From a fan’s standpoint I’m hoping both races remain tied after tomorrow forcing a 163rd game to be played. 1 game of desperation is intense and I’m greedily crossing my fingers for this can’t miss TV possibility.

If you are a Yanks fan which team would you rather face? Your arch rival who limps into the playoffs with question marks all over their starting rotation and bullpen? Or a seemingly less dangerous team in the Rays who you’ve historically owned in the past, but is coming into the playoffs red hot and full of confidence? If I was the Yanks I’d totally throw tomorrow’s game and let the Rays win in a walk and hope the Orioles can pull off an upset win against the Sox. The Sox may look like the inferior team of the two choices, but these are the Boston Red Sox, they are capable of suddenly turning it on and be the best team in the league. They also seem to play their best against the Yanks and their offence is just as dangerous as the Bronx Bombers.

If you are the Phillies you probably don’t care. Your team is the best in baseball and will match up well against either the Braves or Cards. I think they would prefer to play the Braves because the Braves don’t have a guy named Pujols. The Cards have a better offence than the braves and their bullpen is deep with all their trade deadline pick-ups.

Pitching match-ups for tomorrow:

Boston: Lester  Baltimore: Simon

Tampa: Price  NY: TBD (probably a reliever)

Philly: Blanton  Atlanta: Hudson

STL: Carpenter  Houston: Myers

My predictions:

I just can’t see the Red Sox losing tomorrow, Simon is a gas can. I also think the Rays win because David Price is a big game pitcher and the Yanks just won’t put up much of a fight. In the NL I’d be scared if I was a Braves fan because St. Louis will win against a Houston team that has already lost 104 games. However, one bright spot for the Braves is Blanton has struggled against Atlanta going 1-3 in his last 4 starts against the Braves. Hudson on the other hand is 3-1 in his last 4 starts against Philly.

So in conclusion I think we’ll see a 163rd game between the Red Sox and Rays and I think the Cards complete the unreal comeback and snatch the Wild Card away from the Braves.