Losing in the Most Painful Way Possible

I can’t believe I missed all the madness. I had an Arctic Monkeys concert to go to tonight so I missed all the ridiculous drama in MLB tonight. When I left the apartment the Yanks were up 7-0 in the 8th inning and the BoSox were leading by 1 late. Things were tense in Atl when I was leaving, but things looked good with Atl up 3-2 heading to the 9th. What the hell happened? I walk out of the concert with my ears ringing and my phone going bananas with texts saying ridiculous nonsense. I didn’t believe any of it, but now I’m home and looking at the highlights…HOLY S#$%!

First of all, I have to talk about the Rays. Given the circumstances, is that not the best comeback in baseball history? A game tying shot with 2 outs and down to your last friggin’ strike with a batter that was sitting for the previous 3 hours coming up cold swatting a jack? Unreal! The Rays definitely deserve the Wild Card after that magical comeback and the Red Sox definitely did not deserve to make the playoffs after horribly fading down the stretch and losing 2 out of 3 to the last place team in their division. The BoSox will have to take a hard look at their starting staff and bullpen this offseason because this is what let them down in September.

In the NL the Cards completed their seemingly impossible comeback by destroying the Astros while the Braves painfully ended their season when a nervous ninth led to a blown save and eventual extra innings heartbreak. Plain and simple the Cards deserve the Wild Card, taking care of business all throughout September while the Braves offence disappeared in September leading to their grand collapse. I think the Braves will be fine in seasons to come, they’re a young team and they’ll only get better and better. But yeah, this will sting a bit.

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Predictions on 1st round playoff matchups

Tampa vs Texas

Winner: Texas, I have to stick with them because they are my world series pick, but Tampa has all the momentum in the world. This pick is all pride 🙂

NYY vs Detroit

Winner: Detroit, one evil empire misses the playoffs and another bounced in the opening round. Sounds good to me. Yanks have all the offence in the world, but other than CC who is starting?

STL vs Philly

Winner: Philly, their rotation is just too sick to lose.

Arizona vs Milwaukee

Winner: Milwaukee, more pitching, more hitting and they have a Canadian in Axford…that should be good enough