NFL Week 4 Recap

5-11 this week. Yowsa

As I predicted after last week, you just knew I’d have a terrible week after going 13-3 with my weekly picks. It wasn’t even close this week, most of the games weren’t of the lose/cover by 1 or 2 variety, it was pure disaster. My prediction for next week is I’ll be around .500, it’s just the nature of the beast…Vegas always wins. Remainder of this week’s highlights to follow bullet style.

  • Four, 14 or more point comebacks this week (almost five with Seattle coming just short). Dallas’ loss has to be the worst, up by 24 points at home in the 2nd half and losing is brutal
  • Staying with the ‘Boys, Romo is an example of how fast someone can go from being praised a hero by all media outlets to then being buried in poop by all analysts in less than a week
  • Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in football, that was a disgusting display of dominance against the Broncos. Just give him the MVP right now
  • Cam Newton also went bananas, he will likely have a chance each week to put up huge numbers because his defence can’t stop anyone so they’ll be passing non stop in constant catch-up mode
  • Atlanta may have hung on for the win, but they made Tavaris Jackson look like Aaron Rodgers. They are in serious trouble
  • I still think the Eagles make the playoffs, I see this poor start as an extended training camp. The new guys will figure it out eventually
  • Actually I think the order of the standings in the NFC East completely reverses by the end of the year
  • Christian Ponder time? McNabb is just not getting it done. Might as well see what you’ve got in the youngster

Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images North America

  • That call on Victor Cruz was pure bull. However, it really helped my fantasy team as the next play was a Hakeem Nicks TD. Thank you NFL…or Vegas…whoever made that call
  • That was some ugly offence in the Jets/Ravens game. 7 turnovers, 4 defensive TD’s…yuck
  • Maybe Arian Foster won’t be the biggest fantasy bust of the year after all. 155 yards and a TD on Pitt is pretty sexy. Remember when no one could rush for 100 yards against Pitt?
  • Matt Hasselbeck is my pick for comeback player of the year, he’s playing at a high level and it looks like CJ is getting up to speed…look out
Picks Overall Record: 33-27-3
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