Lu Haters Unite

Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

It didn’t take long for the Lu haters to resurface. After the Canucks 4-3 shootout loss last night to the Penguins, the airwaves, Facebook, Twitter, message boards were littered with expert opinions on why the Canucks should bench/trade/execute/publicly stone good ol Lu. One game…that must be a record in the bandwagon of hate category. The reasoning used in these Schneider over Luongo opinions were utterly ridiculous, here is one from my Facebook newsfeed:

Luongo – 38 wins, 15 losses, %63 Win Average, 2.11 GAA, .928 SV%
Shneids – 16 wins, 4 losses, %64 Win Average, 2.23 GAA, .929 SV%
10 million dollars vs. 900,000 is the only difference in numbers i see 😉

Well lets break down the above a little further. Yes, Schneider’s numbers look very similar, but in those games he started he faced non playoff teams in the Oilers (4 times), Colorado (2 times), Columbus (2 times), Dallas (2 times), Minnesota (4 times), Dallas (2 times), Carolina, Calgary and St. Louis (once each). He faced playoff teams 8 times, going 3-5. In summary, Luongo played in many more games against tougher competition and still posted solid numbers. Would the numbers still be near identical if the games played were reversed? Would the Canucks have been 1 win away from the Stanley Cup with Schneider in net the entire year?

It’s shocking how little credit Luongo gets in Vancouver for his team’s success. The Canucks didn’t make it to game 7 of the cup final solely on the cycle of the Sedin’s, the adonis DNA body of Ryan Kesler or the steady defence of Kevin Bieksa. Luongo was a big part in the success of last year’s team. Those who don’t think he was are not hockey fans, but rather are the true definition of bandwagonner.

I’m not saying Luongo is perfect, as we’ve seen he has bad games, just like last night’s game, but what goalie in the league doesn’t have bad games?

It’s the first game people, the Canucks got a point they didn’t even deserve against one of the best teams in the league. Take that as a small victory and just let it happen. The Canucks are one of the best teams in the league and they’ll be fine. If you can’t handle a loss or a bad game by some of your stars, then take your $300 jersey out of your closet and donate it to a real fan who will cheer and stand by their team no matter what and who will not play NHL coach or GM during/after each game.

Go Canucks Go!