NFL Week 5 Predictions + MLB Playoff predictions

Last week: 5-11

Season: 33-27-3

I see upsets...I see revenge....I see $$$

Last week was awful, but we all knew this was inevitable after a ridiculous 13-3 week the week prior. I like this week’s slate a lot more than last week’s fishy lines. So without further-a-do lets go.

Philadelphia -1.5 at Buffalo

Pick: Eagles -1.5, the former ‘dream team’ is desperate and cannot afford to drop to 1-4 in the tough NFC East. The Bills came down to earth last week after an embarrassing loss to the Bengals. One arguement would be that the Bills are angry and looking to overcome the loss last week, but I’m taking the opposite approach in that I think that loss has them 2nd guessing themselves in the locker room and they come out flat against a more desperate team. I see the Eagles abandoning all gadget type plays and stick to hammer time with McCoy and play action bombs with their burners. I hate doing this because it usually backfires, but this is my lock of the week.

Tennesee at Pittsburgh -3

Pick: Steelers -3, this line opened at -5 so obviously the public is all over the Titans. The Steelers have been awful, especally their offensive line. Big Ben and Mendenhall are banged up and the defence has not looked like the intimidating force they’ve been in the past. However, this team is still loaded with proud veterans and I see a huge effort coming from their maligned defence.

KC at Indianapolis -3

Pick: Chiefs +3, a battle of two teams both in lost seasons. Flip a coin on this one folks. KC was tails on my coin so…but seriously, Indy’s D is awful and KC’s has been fairly decent the last 2 weeks. That should be enough.

Arizona at Minnesota -3

Pick: Vikings -3, if McNabb can’t throw for at least 250 against the Cards’ d then he should be immediately fired. The Cards can’t stop anyone through the air and I doubt they can stop AP without putting 8 in the box. Good night

Oakland at Houston -5.5

Pick: Raiders +5.5, Raider Nation is in mourning after the passing of their long time owner Al Davis. The Raiders this week will have a ton of emotion going into this game and the Texans may be due for a let down after a huge win against the Steelers last week. The Texans are also missing their best player Andre Johnson. Flat out upset in the making.

New Orleans -7 at Carolina

Pick: Panthers +7, pure shootout developing in this one. Carolina can’t stop anyone and it seems no one can stop Cam Newton. The Saints covered a similar line on the road against a similar defence in Jacksonville last week, but Cam Newton is not Blaine Gabbert and I see this one closer than expected.

Cincinnati at Jacksonville (pick)

Pick: Jaguars, please don’t watch this game it may be some of the ugliest football seen this year. I can see at 12-6 type score in this one. The Jags in a slight lean solely based on home field. Shudder.

Seattle at NYG -10

Pick: Seattle +10, at least 65% of people still alive in survivor pools will be on the G-men this week (including me…I might change my mind though). All signs point to a blowout in this one: cross country travel, a weak Hawk defence and offence against a high powered offence and tough defence in the G-men. However, as we’ve seen time and time again in sports when something looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Tampa Bay at San Francisco -3

Pick: Bucs +3, The niners are a trendy team right now especially after their comeback win against the Eagles last week. I’m just not convinced…yet. A possible huge letdown game for the Niners after beating the former ‘dream team.’ The Bucs had a mini scare against the woeful Colts last week, but I think the advantage of Josh Freeman over Alex Smith is the difference in this one.

NYJ at New England – 8

Pick: Jets +8, the line was 9.5 so the public is on the Jets. I don’t like siding with the public that often (Vegas always wins baby), but this seems too good to pass up. Rex Ryan supposedly went buck wild on his team after last game and I see the Jets coming out like gangbusters in this one. This game will either be a straight up upset by the Jets or an absolute disrobing by the Pats, nothing in between.

San Diego -4 at Denver

Pick: Broncos +4, is it Tebow time? I hope not, but it might be with another blowout loss. The Chargers are looking like world beaters right now, but that’s usually when they start stinking up the joint. No real reason here to back-up the Broncs other than a pure gut feeling.

Green Bay -6 at Atlanta

Pick: Atlanta +6, rematch of last year’s NFC championship game where the Packers embarassed the Falcons in Atlanta. Nothing much has changed since last year, the Pack are still the team to beat and the Falcons still have an awful secondary. A revenge game to end all revenge games I see the Falcons giving in all this week, but still come up short by 3-4 points.

Chicago at Detroit – 6

Pick: Bears +6, the Lions dodged losses in the last 2 weeks with 2 improbable comebacks. They should have lost both of those games and only won due to poor coaching in Minny and Tony Romo in Dallas. If there’s a coach that might find a way to stop Megatron it’s Lovie Smith. The Lions lose their first game this week.

Onto the diamond….

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images


I predicted the Yanks would lose, but I did not see the Cards upsetting the Phillies. The Red Sox, Phillies and Yanks all not making the World Series? Wow…whoever says they predicted that are lying or a time traveller.

Lets move on to the series predictions:

National League Championship

St. Louis vs. Milwaukee

2011 head to head: 9-9 (however in last 7 meetings St. Louis is 6-1)

Prediction: St. Louis in 6

The Cards have to be the most confident team remaining in the playoffs. Not only did they go on an insane run to make the playoffs, but they just defeated the World Series favourite Phillies. Both of these teams are in similar situations where their slugging 1st basemans could be playing their final games in their respective uniforms. Both teams championship windows seem to be now or never. I lean towards the Cards because it doesn’t look like anything can stop them right now and LaRussa is a post-season wizard (evil wizard, maybe, but still a wizard).

American League Championship

Detroit vs Texas

2011 head to head: Detoit 6-3

Prediction: Texas in 7

I give Detroit the edge in starting pitching, but I give Texas almost everything else. I think the big edge for Texas in this series is in the bullpen. Detroit’s bullpen struggled for the most part in the Yanks series and the Rangers bullpen is deeper. The Rangers line-up is also more dangerous and they are never out of any game. Too much firepower in the end and the Rangers take the series at home in game 7.

Star-Telegram/Ron Jenkins