Blame it on the Rain

Today was supposed to be reserved for my celebratory post on how I expertly (or more likely flukily) predicted the Rangers as World Series champs. However, mother nature seems to have ruined my party, but it just gives me another day to prepare my victory speech and collect $ from one of my buddies. Unfortunately what the rain out also causes me to do is post about my beloved Vancouver Canucks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not panicking at all. It’s just better for my long term health if I ignore the Canuck haters and their constant cries for the public stoning of Luongo (yes, I am well aware that in order for stoning to work the stonee must actually stop the stones…ha ha…). However, I’d like to focus on positives and in this case the first impressions of David Booth.

David Booth shows off his quick release (Photo by Dale MacMillan/Getty Images)

I’ve heard others say he may become the next James Neal. Considering the start Neal has had to this season, I’m sure the Canucks would take that in a heartbeat. In my opinion he had a pretty solid game last night wearing the old #7 of Cliff Ronning. He had good speed, played physical and went to the dirty areas.  By all accounts he should give a big boost to the 2nd line with fellow Americans Kesler and Higgins. A nickname has already been given to the line, the American Express line. Kind of weak in my opinion, but I’ve got nothing better other than stealing from Brett Michaels and calling them HBK, the heartbreak kids. Yeah, that’s not so good either.

Outside of the goaltending, which I will not be addressing today, the Canucks need to play a full 60 minutes. Last night they played one period and absolutely dominated the Oilers, hemming them in their zone for extended shifts. It will come around, it’s the Canuck way: starting the year painfully slow and then reeling off spectacular December’s and January’s. So sit back and enjoy tonight’s game against the Blues. Yes Schneider is starting, but don’t read too much into that, it was probably a planned start. Regardless of who’s in net, just cheer.