Sal’s Week 11 NFL Picks

Last week: 8-8

Season: 70-69-6

Not sure what this has to do with football...oh well

This is getting embarrassing, wifey has defeated me two weeks in a row (she went 9-7 last week). This week we’re starting off with her picks and this week I’m including her rationale for her picks (remember, she has never watched football). I’ll add my picks at the end…not that it matters anymore 😦

NYJ -6 at Denver

Pick: Jets -6

Reason: “People from New York seem to be winners”

Carolina at Detroit -7

Pick: Lions -7

Reason: “Lions would win in a street fight, they’re the king of the jungle”

Tampa Bay at Green Bay -14

Pick: Packers -14

Reason: “Of all the teams, the team I know best. You seem to like them”

Dallas -7.5 at Washington

Pick: Cowboys -7.5

Reason: “The Redskins sound racist”

Buffalo at Miami -1

Pick: Dolphins -1

Reason: “Dolphins are the much smarter animal, they would outwit a buffalo if they fought”

Jacksonville at Cleveland -1

Pick: Jaguars +1

Reason: “What’s a brown? If it’s just the colour then that’s stupid”

Oakland -1 at Minnesota

Pick: Vikings +1

Reason: “Vikings seem tougher than pirates, more vicious”

Cincinnati at Baltimore -7

Pick: Bengals +7

Reason: “Seriously? a Bengal against a bird?”

Seattle at St. Louis -1

Pick: Rams -1

Reason: “Because you told me that the Seahawks suck”

Arizona at San Fran -9.5

Pick: Cardinals +9.5

Reason: “I don’t know what a 49er is, I know what a Cardinal is”

San Diego at Chicago -3.5

Pick: Bears -3.5

Reason: “Bears are cuddly”

Tennessee at Atlanta -6

Pick: Titans +6

Reason: “Titans sound tough, although I have no idea what a Titan is”

Philadelphia at NYG -4.5

Pick: Giants -4.5

Reason: “Giants should always win against any animal”

Kansas City at New England -14.5

Pick: Chiefs +14.5

Reason: “I don’t have anything nice to say about the Patriots so I won’t say anything at all”

I actually like her picks…sigh…here are my picks…

Jets -6: Rex will have the boys raging after losing to their arch enemies last week. Tim Tebow vs. a pissed off Jets defence scares me.

Panthers +7: This one seems too easy for me, this line screams out that the Lions are the no brainer play. Panthers are awful on the road, Lions are coming off an embarrassing loss. When it’s too easy…it usually is

Packers -14: The Bucs are free falling and this is the worst scenario possible for a struggling team. Seriously, is Aaron Rodgers human?

Redskins +7.5: I know the Skins are awful right now, but this just seems like too many points in a rivalry match up. These two teams historically play tight games and I don’t see that changing here.

Bills +1: The fins have won 2 games in a row while the Bills have lost 2 in a row in ugly fashion. I still believe in the beard of Fitzpatrick and the legs of Fred Jackson.

Jaguars +1: The Browns’ offence is awful. The Jags are nothing special either, but they are mere millimetres better than the Browns. Good enough.

Raiders -1: The Raiders are coming off a monster win last week against the Chargers.  Carson Palmer looked re-born last week lobbing up bombs to his young speedsters. He may have another big day against a Viking secondary that just lost it’s best pass defender Antoine Winfield for the year.

Ravens -7: After facing the bruising Steelers the Bengals have to face an angry Ravens team that were embarrassed last week by the lowly Seahawks. The Bengals also lost a huge piece of their secondary for the year last week in Leon Hall. I think the Ravens win by 2 touchdowns or more.

Rams -1: Both teams coming off wins, but the Seahawks are due for a letdown after their huge upset win last week.

49ers -9.5: I’m going to keep picking the 49ers every week until their ATS streak is popped. The 49ers are 8-0-1 against the spread this year. A lot of points especially with Frank Gore a little dinged up, but John Skelton on the road against a not so terrible 49ers d is scary.

Bears -3.5: I agree with wifey, bears are cuddly. Norv Turner is done-so for sure if the Chargers don’t make the playoffs this year. I don’t see happiness this week for the Chargers who are facing a Bears team that seems to have figured it all out. The offensive line has learned to protect Cutler and Mike Martz is giving in and letting Matt Forte run wild instead of relying on 12 foot drop type routes.

Falcons -6: This one is a tough one for me to call. Which Titan team is going to show up…actually which CJ is going to show up is the better question. The Falcons secondary seems to keep any team in the game, but I just have a feeling Matty ice and the boys find a way to pull this one out at home.

Giants -4.5: Mike Vick may not play this week due to some sore ribs. Regardless, last week’s loss to the Cardinals was unforgivable. I’ll take the G-men at home even if Vick plays.

Patriots -14.5: This could get ugly early. Tyler Palko will get the start for the Chiefs at QB…that’s all I needed to hear.


My face after I beat wifey this week