The Kid’s Back

Please no one hit him...

The long awaited return of hockey’s best player is happening as I type this. You’d think Crosby would have some rust with being out of the NHL for almost a year…umm, yeah, he’s destroying those thoughts right now. He has 4 points in his return including 2 goals. If he gets a hat-trick I’m going to do something reckless…not sure what this is right now, but something that will definitely anger the wife. Crosby’s return tonight was the most anticipated return since one of his mentors Mario Lemieux made a comeback in 2000. Weirdly enough the score in that comeback game was the same as in tonight’s game.

There are many other star players in the NHL, but no one comes close to the star power of Sidney Crosby. He is the most important player in the game, not just talent wise, but also marketing wise. He is the face of the NHL and all the players in the league know he is the most important player for the growth and future of the game.  Hell, maybe Ovechkin hasn’t been playing well (to his standards anyway) because he wasn’t being pushed by his division rival and fellow king of the NHL competitor. We all had a feeling Crosby would eventually come back, but I’m sure many thought it would be sooner. Crosby had said all along that he would not come back until he was 100%. For those conspiracy theorists out there, do you think Bettman and the other owners had anything to do with delaying his return? Maybe they wanted to take every precaution necessary to ensure their prized possession was completely healed? Bah, who cares, all that matters is that the kid is back.

So how is he going to do the rest of the year? I’m going to go with somewhere in the region of 70-75 points (61 games left). The Penguins were already on top of the league before his return and now with a healthy Crosby they have to be the favourites to win the East.

Looks like the game just ended and no hat-trick for Crosby…saves me from doing something dog-house worthy.