Comeback Kids

This past Sunday was comeback Sunday for a couple superstars in the North American sports world. The biggest of course was Tiger Woods’ first tournament win in 749 days. Now that he’s got his first win since the hullabaloo from 2 years ago under his belt expectations will soar for next year. As I’ve said previously, a healthy and winning Tiger is the most important thing in golf. I’m going to be a bit bold and predict Tiger comes back strong in 2012 and wins his first major since 2008. With a strong 2012, the media and fans will start to forget about his wrongdoings and re-focus on his quest to be the best golfer of all time. We’ve seen how success in sports can quickly overshadow off field/court controversies (Vick, Bryant, Ray Lewis, etc.). Tiger will climb back to the top eventually and his 2 years of public hell will be all but forgotten.

He's back...lookout

In the hockey world, arguably the most maligned goalie in the NHL, Roberto Luongo, made his first start since November 13. It was probably the best possible comeback scenario for Luongo as he was playing a team in Calgary that he has more wins against than any other team in the NHL. The Flames were also a tired team playing their 3rd game in 4 nights. Luongo wasn’t dominant, especially in the early going when he let in a weak goal from below the goal line. However, he was solid after that goal and this could be the beginning of a strong string of games from a hungry Luongo. This is the first time Luongo has had genuine competition in goal and this could be just the thing that will light a fire under him to prove to his team, the fans and media that he is the top dawg between the pipes.

With solid competition behind him, will this push Luongo into elite status?