I Guess Baseball is Recession Proof

The Angels went on a shopping spree to end all shopping sprees today. Their biggest signing was the signing of the best player in baseball Albert Pujols to a whopping 10 year $254 million dollar contract. They followed that up by signing CJ Wilson to a 5 year $77.5 million dollar contract. So in one day they’ve committed $331 million on just 2 players.

$254 million dollars richer

Those are mind boggling numbers. As we’ve seen many times in baseball, spending big money doesn’t  guarantee championships. Just ask the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees how that strategy fared last season. Do the 2 signings make the Angels better, yeah obviously adding the best player in the game will make you somewhat better. However, I’d still take the Rangers winning the AL West over the Angels right now. I’ll take Hamilton, Beltre, Kinsler, Young, Cruz over Pujols, Wells, Abreu , Trumbo and Hunter any day. However, you never know, this opinion could change quickly if the Angels continue to go bananas and end up buying a new bullpen staff to shore up a pen that blew the most saves in the AL or maybe somehow swindle Hanley Ramirez off the similarly financially psychotic Marlins. Speaking of the Marlins, they signed Heath Bell, Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle for a combined $191 million. Add that to the Angles totals and that equals $522.5 million bucks on just 5 players. Yikes!

I’m not a huge fan of the 10+ year contracts. Have there been many where you can confidently say it was worth handcuffing your teams finances to lock up one player forever? There’s still another big fish…I mean really big…floating out there that will no doubt get one of these monster 10 year contracts. That fish is of course Prince Fielder.

Show me the $$$

There have been rampant rumours flying around that the Blue Jays are major players in the Fielder bidding war. I’d be shocked if AA and the Jays go against their philosophy and building plan and throw serious Rogers dough at Fielder. Would I love to see him hitting in front/behind Joey Bats? Hell yeah, but I also don’t want a Vernon Wells, Alex Rios remix to occur. I might be thinking too old school, but I prefer the way the late 80’s, early 90’s Jays built their winning teams. They groomed and developed their own talent and then when they were ready to contend, opened up the purse strings and added the high priced talent with their peaking youngsters to take them to the top. It is tough though to sit back and be patient when you look around at the teams surrounding you burning endless amounts of $ to continually restock their roster. However, Jays fans just need to look at their fellow AL East rivals in the Tampa Bay Rays to see how a team with a smaller budget and home grown talent can make it to the top. Just be patient…it’ll come.