Perfection or Protection?

Mr. Perfect says perfection...obviously

The Packers are 3 wins away from a perfect regular season. Their last 3 games shape up well for them to run the table: at the struggling Chiefs, at home against a depleted Bears offence and at home against the Lions. The question is, should they continue to run their starters out each week striving for perfection and risking injury or should they do what the 2009 Colts did and protect their starters for the playoffs. I don’t think there’s much of a debate to be had here. I say they should go for the gusto and try and run the table and go for a true perfect season to join the 72 Dolphins as the only team to be perfect both in the regular and postseason. Why you ask? There’s a few simple reasons.

Resting stars and virtually giving away games creates an atmosphere of losing in the locker room. An atmosphere that hasn’t been present in 19 games. The Packers currently have an air of invincibility about them, why ruin this by allowing lesser teams to defeat them? Think of it from the opposing teams point of view, would you rather face a team that comes in to the playoffs after a few losses to inferior teams or a team that hasn’t lost since December 19, 2010? The latter is much more intimidating.

Going for the true perfect season also keeps the players on the team extremely motivated. They wouldn’t just be playing for a perfect season, they’d be playing to be known as the best team in history. Packing it in and losing a few games in the regular season will take some of that edge off and likely will create some what if scenarios in some players heads.

The Packers are coming off a Super Bowl win last season so if there was a perfect time to risk it all for immortality this would be the year. If they were 20 years between championships or something then maybe more caution should be served in respect for a championship starved fan base. The Cheeseheads would go ballistic for a perfect season and would love to further cement the legendary status of their franchise in the history books.

The obvious risk of course is injury to key players. However, I bet if you asked any of the Packer stars they would tell you they want to play every game and go for history. They’ve proven they were the best team last year and so far this year no other team has even been close. Lets see if they can do what no other team has ever done and go 19-0 and be the best team that ever lived. Brett Favre would freak out in his Wranglers if it happened…I hope it does.

Can they run the table? I think so