Haters Still Gunna Hate?

If you missed last nights Vancouver Canucks vs. Detroit Red Wings game you missed the game of the year in the NHL so far. The game had it all, big hits, big saves, beauty goals, feistiness, you name it. With the win the Canucks are now 1 point out of the Northwest Division lead. It’s likely we will see them take over the lead as early as Friday as they face a Flames team they have dominated over the last few years. The win last night also has shut the mouths of the notorious Canucks haters for at least a week. These same “fans” were calling for the trading of their #1 goalie for any price including a used bag of pucks and a few half eaten Tim Horton donuts. I want to ask those “fans”…what now? Still wanna hate? Still think Luongo should have stopped those 2 goals he let in last night because Cory Schneider would have obviously stopped those 2 unstoppable shots? It’s time to look in the mirror wearing your $300 Canucks jersey, raise your right hand and swiftly sack yourself as hard as you can. As I predicted here, the mini hot streak Cory Schneider had was going to light a fire under big Lu and we were about to see a dominating streak of play from the #1. Well that streak is in full effect now as Lu is 7-0-1 in his last 8 starts, including a shut out.

The hate has cooled for at least a couple games.

I can’t give Lu all the credit for the Canucks recent hot play: the Sedins are rolling on all cylinders, Kesler is back being a dominating force in both ends of the ice, Bieksa and the Hammer are locking down top offensive units, Raymond and Hansen are burning up the wings creating all sorts of chances, the PK and PP are back to elite levels, the face-off dot is being owned by the centres, Salo somehow is staying fairly healthy, it goes on and on and on.

The Canucks will win the Northwest, there’s no doubt there. Their true obstacle will eventually be another match up against their hated playoff rivals the Chicago Blackhawks. We’ll have to wait 4 or so months for that to play out, but until then enjoy the Lu hot streak.