Pardon the LINterruption

If you read this blog regularly you know I’m not a huge NBA lover anymore, but I think one player may bring me back. Linsanity, Linception, Just Lin Baby, whatever you want to call him…Jeremy Lin has taken the basketball world by storm and has made me a true believer. I watched my first full NBA game on TV in a long time today (on VaLINtine’s day no less) and Lin’s last second 3 pointer for the win over the Raptors has cemented a furious man crush. He struggled in the first half as it looked like he was trying to hard to feed Amare the rock, but in the 2nd half he went Johnny Buck leading a 13-1 run to end the game.

LINSANITY (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Frank Gunn)

I’m not the only one who has lost their marbles over this kid, the internet has gone wild with Lin tweets and stories and deservedly so. His story is one that the majority of the public fall in love with. You know the story, the guy who comes from absolutely nowhere to become a star. We’ve seen this type of story before with guys like Kurt Warner, Tim Thomas, Alex Burrows, Jose Bautista, Tom Brady, Ryan Fitzpatrick, etc. However, none of those guys are an ASIAN point guard, living on a guys couch…playing in arguably the hardest city to play in. It’s the ultimate underdog story, the guy who never gave up on his dream against ridiculous odds. I’m all for inspirational stories…anything to keep the stories away from the negative cronies in the league like Lebron et al.

So will this story last? Or will the glass slipper shatter into a million rice like pieces? The big test I think will come when Carmelo Anthony returns to the line-up. Right now the offence is running through Lin with the pick and roll. How will Melo adjust? He’s used to being the man in the offence, running iso plays on the wing or post. Melo better be willing to conform to the Lin offence because Knicks fans are goo goo ga ga over Lin and will boo the sh%$ out of Melo if he hogs the ball away from their new favourite player. One thing that Lin will need to improve on however is his turnovers, he’s had 30 of them in his last 5 games including 8, 6 and 6 in his last 3. My hope is that he continues to play well. Its great for the league and it’s bringing fringe fans like myself back to the TV set, heck I’m even considering buying a Lin jersey once they become available.

Yao Ming must be proud…