Favourite Game of the Year

The Canucks have a slew of arch rivals including the Blackhawks, Bruins and Flames. However, there’s nothing a Canucks fan enjoys more than seeing the Canucks beat the Toronto Maple Leafs. It hasn’t been a friendly match up for the Leafs as they haven’t beat the Canucks since 2003. Nonetheless, downtown Vancouver will be filled with hundreds if not thousands of Leafs jerseys today.  Rogers Arena will also be filled with Leaf fans who have grossly overpaid for a chance to watch their beloved Leafs. You do have to give credit to Leafs fans, they do seem to stand by their team no matter how poorly they play. Maybe this undying dedication is one reason fans of other teams loathe the Leafs. Kind of this weird, I hate you because you continue to love something that brings you so much pain kind of thing.

Yes that's right...Harold Druken was toiling with the Leafs the last time they beat the Canucks in 2003

There are more obvious reasons why other fans hate the Leafs. Probably the biggest reason is the media bias. The Leafs are always the first team to be talked about on national broadcasts, the first team mentioned on important days like deadline day, draft day, free agent signing day, etc, the team that gets the best announcers on Hockey Night in Canada (Jim Hughson must loathe doing Leafs games), the team that gets the most coverage in magazines, websites, etc. Again yes, it is true population wise there are more Leafs fans then any other team in the league, but when other Canadian teams are having great years they deserve more love then a team that has been brutal for the last decade. Does anyone really care about the Leafs and their yearly quest for the 8th seed in the East or would more people find the Canucks yearly quest for 1st in the league more interesting. The Leafs aren’t even the best team in their own province. The Ottawa Senators who most picked to be doormats are having a sensational year, but you don’t hear much about it. Instead you hear more about Brian Burke looking to solidify his up and coming Leafs squad at the trade deadline for a furious run at 8th place. The Leafs have so much media pull that today’s game is at 4pm PST to accommodate them and their fans…instead of the home team’s fans. Not that Canucks fans should really care about what time the game is, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, midnight…the Canucks are still the vastly superior team and will yet again have the Leafs fans at Rogers Arena cowering for the exits well before the final seconds tick off the clock.

My one request to my fellow Canucks fans is that we show some class to Leafnation no matter how badly the Canucks win or how flukily the Leafs win by buying off the refs and replay officials. If we get all aggro and nasty it will just solidify the rest of the world’s opinion that we have the worst fans in the league. So play nice 🙂

Go Canucks Go

Prediction: 5-2 Canucks

Vancouver Canucks

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