Time to Panic?

Don't panic Canucks fans, your team is just fine.

Canucks nation is edging closer and closer to panic mode with the Canucks losing 5 of their last 7 games. The Facebook hate, twitter bombs and radio tongue lashes are starting to pop up again. The cries for Cory Schneider have returned, the 2nd guessing of Mike Gillis’ Hodgson deal are everywhere (even though Hodgson has done nothing in 6 games), the Sedin’s are too soft and blah blah blah. This love hate relationship the city of Vancouver has with the Canucks isn’t new. It’s just flat out annoying as hell. I’m not saying the Canucks haven’t been playing awful lately. What I am saying is the ‘fans’ just need to chill out and more importantly…shut the f$%k up. I think for these ‘fans’ a 4 week hiatus from watching the Canucks is best because I hate to say it, but you’re probably going to see several uninspired performances from now until the end of the season.

Think of it from the players perspective. They know they have a cup winning roster and they know they have many gruelling battles ahead of them in the playoffs. They know the worst they can finish is 2nd in the conference unless they absolutely shat the bed. It must be hard for them to bust their nuts for these regular season games because in the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t mean much. Of course the players will never admit they are half assing it (playing it safe probably sounds better) because that would enrage the hecklers who drop $200+ for tickets to watch every home game. The Canucks will be just fine. They will start playing better soon, especially during the last couple weeks of the season where they’ll want to enter the playoffs with some winning momentum.

I agree the Sedin’s have stunk, the power play has been non-existent, the physical game is lacking and the goaltending has been semi-swiss cheese like. However, what would you rather see…the Sedins et al blowing their Swedish loads now in the regular season or save up some of their offensive orgasms for the playoffs? Or how about Bieksa, Hamhuis, Edler and Salo, would you like to see them in full playoff mode now trying to kill people every night against teams like Columbus and Montreal or maybe would you rather see them healthy enough to destroy the likes of Kane and Toews in the playoffs? You can’t have it all folks. Yes, 1st overall in the league would be a sexy accomplishment, but as we all saw last year it doesn’t guarantee anything in the playoffs.

Like I always say…JUST LET IT HAPPEN!

Just believe. (AP Photo/ National Hockey League/Doug MacLellan)