Short and Sweet

The month of March has been wild so far. We have NFL free agency in beast mode, March Madness destroying brackets all over the world, the final push for the playoffs in hockey and the boys of summer starting to stretch it out in spring training. I really want to write about all of these things, but I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

Peyton Manning

Tebow needs a new job. AP/Greg Trott

The monster move of NFL free agent frenzy went down today with Peyton Manning heading to the Broncos. I’ve always been a fan of Peyton Manning. I enjoy his quirky antics before the snap where he’s calling plays at the line of scrimmage based on his mad reads on the defence. He combines his unmatched smarts for the game with an accurate cannon. Yes, it is true he’s had 4 neck surgeries and there is no guarantee he will physically be as dominant as he once was. However, what up and coming team wouldn’t risk it to land a 4 time NFL MVP who before last season was considered to be in the midst of his prime? The Broncos are now legitimate contenders for the AFC West crown as they already have a stout defence and with Manning they now will have a more balanced offensive attack. Of course Manning’s arrival means Tebow time has ended in Denver and likely will be starting up somewhere else. The best fit in my opinion is in Miami. Tebow is a God-like figure in the state of Florida and Miami is desperate for some excitement to bring fans into the stadium.

Brackets Busted

…at least my bracket is ruined that is. Don’t get me wrong, I chose a lot of upsets, but unfortunately I picked all the wrong upsets. Enough about my feeble picks. The sweet 16 match-ups I’m really looking forward to are: Syracuse vs. Wisconsin, Louisville vs. Michigan St. and Baylor vs. Xavier. I like the underdogs in each of those match-ups. Ohio St. is growing on me as is Kansas. Ok, if I had to re-pick my winner I’d have to go with Ohio St. Fade appropriately…

Jared Sullinger and Ohio St. are my pick to win it all.
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Canucks Limp to the Finish

It’s still ok…really…still not panicking. Check in with me on this subject in 2 weeks…I bet there will be no issues at that time…there better not be anyway.

The Blue Jays Look Strong 

I’m going to be doing a series of Blue Jays posts very soon. I going to try and keep my giddiness in check…BUT DAMN THEY LOOK GOOD.