The Ultimate Man Crush of 2012: Mike Trout

It’s been quite awhile since I last posted. I’ve been soaking up as much sun as I can here in Vancouver before the inevitable…dare I say it…rain returns. I’ve been itching to write though and I’ve made a long list of potential topics that should keep me busy for the next little while. I thought I’d dust the writer’s rust off with a post about my choice for the best player in baseball right now, Mike Trout.

Kelvin Kuo/US Presswire

.340, 93 runs, 131 hits, 22 home runs, 66 RBI, 38 stolen bases

Those numbers are just insane. His average and stolen base totals are tops in the AL. Add in the fact that the kid is a rookie and is only 21 years old makes those stats just perverted. Also remember the kid didn’t start the season with the Angels, he’s done all the above in only 95 games. If he hit at the same clip over a full season it gets even nuttier 158 runs, 223 hits, 38 home runs, 112 RBI, 65 stolen bases. I’m running out of hyperboles to use here. The offence is eye catching, but so is the kid’s defence. He has made several highlight reel catches (see the best catch of the year in the video below) including multiple home run thefts. He is also likely the main reason why the Angels turned their season around after a horrendous start and why they are in the wild card mix.

Seriously though, all man crushing aside, if you were starting a franchise and could pick one current player to build around would it not be Mike Trout? If you have someone else in mind argue away in the comment section and give me some solid reasoning. I’m sure someone will argue a pitcher would be their first pick, maybe someone like Stephen Strasburg. My argument against that would be that the pitcher can only have an impact every 5 days while Trout can make a difference daily. Pitchers also seriously injure themselves more often then position players do. Anyway, I’ll stop arguing for now…

With about 43-45 games remaining I’m thinking he has a good shot to join the 30-30 club. I can’t think off the top of my head if there’s been any other rookies who have done this before. If you know of one feel free to call me out in the comment section. I also think he’s done more than enough to win not only the AL rookie of the year, but also the AL MVP. If he does the double he will be only the 3rd player in history to achieve this, Ichiro and Fred Lynn being the others.

Ok, I think you get the picture. The guy’s just slightly above average.