Blue Jays Complete Blockbuster to End All Blockbusters

If there was something that would bring me back to the blogosphere it would definitely be the MONSTER trade that just occurred between the Blue Jays and Marlins. The final details are still trickling in as I type this. The main thing for Jays fans is the Jays are getting Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle and Emilio Bonafacio. To get quality players of course the Jays had to part with major young talent: Adeiny Hechavarria, Justin Nicolino and Henderson Alvarez. These youngsters have the potential to be stars; however, I would do that trade 100 times out of a 100 to get an all-star, former batting champ shortstop  and one of the premier power arms in the game.

Jose Reyes immediately becomes the best Blue Jays SS ever. Sorry Tony Fernandez.

This trade shows the Jays brass were not blowing off hot air in off season interviews when stating that they were committed to being serious contenders next season. Adding this much talent doesn’t come cheap though as ownership wallets have been ripped wide open with Reyes, Johnson and Buehrle bringing with them $178.75 million in payroll…YOWZA! Not only does this trade make the Jays a more viable contender in the AL East, but the trade should also attract more interest from available managers. Who wouldn’t want to be the skip of a team that can trot out a top of the line up like this: Reyes, Lawrie, Bautista, Encarnacion.

Johnson and Morrow make a scary 1-2 power arm combo


Adding Johnson and Buehrle significantly strengthens a Blue Jays rotation that was decimated by injury and a terrible year from now former ace Ricky Romero. Buehrle is just the kind of veteran starter presence the Jays were in dire need of. He is a professional, that brings his work pail to the park day in and day out and should be a calming influence for the other young Jays pitchers. Can you imagine if your an opposing team and you go into a weekend 3 game set knowing you will have to face Josh Johnson and Brandon Morrow? Might as well chock up an automatic 1 for 8 with 4 k’s if your a hitter other than Miguel Cabrera.

Buehrle is like having a 2nd pitching coach on the bench.

(Oh, a tweet just in confirms John Buck as another Marlins player coming over in this massive deal. He’ll be the back up to JP barring any other crazy deals.)

I’m trying to stay sane with this deal, but it’s tough not to get excited when the team you love turns into a serious contender in a matter of minutes. The Jays aren’t done though…they still need a left fielder and you just know Adam Lind can’t be the DH or 1 bagger come April. Oh and of course a manager to lead this team is obviously a must as well.

What a way to celebrate the 100th post of my blog with the biggest trade for the Jays since the Alomar/Carter trade.