John Gibbons: Part 2

Who saw this coming? You’re lying if you say yes. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Nathan Denette)

When I first heard the news the Jays rehired John Gibbons as manager I farted.

Not because I was angry or happy really…protein shakes just make me gassy.

What do I think of the move? I’m obviously surprised like everyone else, but I can’t say I’m disappointed or excited…just blah.

Nothing really exciting happened in his first go around with the Jays other than his confrontations with his own players like Ted Lilly and Shea Hillenbrand.

The thing is, nothing really bad happened either.

It’s not like Gibbons has been a managerial star since he left the Jays either. He was a bench coach in KC for a bit and last year managed a double A team to a below .500 finish.

So why Gibbons?

Alex Anthopoulos is obviously familiar with Gibbons and knows him personally and professionally. He knows he can trust him and he knows for certain this manager will not leave the Jays to pursue another “dream job.” He knows how Gibbons manages and ultimately he feels strongly enough that Gibbons’ managerial style fits his new roster. From reading and listening to other reports it appears Gibbons is a laid back type of manager that players love to play for, but also someone who won’t shy away from telling a mega million dollar player that he sucks balls.

Is this hire risky? Without a doubt. It seems like AA is acting on a major hunch on this hire because as mentioned above there isn’t much recent evidence to support that Gibbons can be a winning manager. He better hope his hunch pans out because if it doesn’t he won’t be around to make another hunch.