Just End it Already

It’s day 90 of the most annoying lockout in sports history. Annoying because this time around the NHL lockout isn’t over a mind blowing fundamental shift like going from a non-cap to a salary cap system. Instead the deal breakers are max contract lengths, the duration of the agreement and some mumbo jumbo about buyouts and caps on escrow.

I just don’t get why it’s really that difficult to come to an agreement where once side says 5 years and the other says 8? How about 6, or 7? Obviously I’m oversimplifying the whole thing, but it just doesn’t look like the sides are that far apart. The daily press conferences and columns suggest otherwise though. My favourite was Gary Bettman’s near tears elementary school rant after failed negotiations last week. Basically he looked like a kid on the playground who’s feelings have been hurt and just doesn’t want to play anymore.

Today’s news brings more doom and gloom with the players apparently ready to vote on disclaimer of interest. Basically this is the first step in moving towards decertifying the union and filing a lawsuit against the NHL…


Yawn…I just don’t give a flying f#$k anymore.


The owners are ridiculous because they put themselves in this mess by dishing out stupido contracts they couldn’t afford.


Bettman is a nard hole because he overexpanded this league to stretch not only the talent pool thinner than my overused jockeys but also ruined any hope of this league making any money by thinking the dirty south would embrace the dirty north’s game.


The players are dingleberries because they are fighting for the rights of the elite and not really for the Prust’s, Westgarth’s and Parros’ of the league. Do you think these types of guys really care about 5 year or 10 year contracts.


This league is more dysfunctional than my bowels after I’ve ingested my 3rd venti americano of the day.


If Bettman and his crew are serious about dying on hills over their demands, then stop dragging us fans through the mud giving us false hope and just cancel the season. I wish I could say I’m going to boycott hockey when they eventually come back, but unfortunately it’s like porn…you say you’ll never watch it again, but you just can’t stop.