Give Your Refresh Button a Rest

The most ludicrous lockout in the history of professional sports continues. The mid January deadline for salvaging a season is mere days away. Many die hard hockey fans around the globe…I mean Canada …have their work web browser locked onto a Canadian sports news site and are secretly refreshing the page every 5 minutes in hope of finally seeing the headline “Hockey is Back.”

Time theft as the boss would call it.

You reading this post at work? Thief

You reading this post at work? Thief

We’ve only thus far been focused on the greedy players, ruthless owners and the forgotten fans. However, what I’ve really come to realize is how much this lockout has exposed how ridiculous our country’s sport media coverage is. Obviously I’ve known the coverage is and always will be hockey dominated. Although, I didn’t think the coverage would still rely so much on hockey with little to nothing of substance to report on the subject on a day to day basis.

I want you to think about it. Think about the last few months. How many ground breaking developments have really come out of this labour dispute? Here is the lockout in a nutshell: the owners have a, b, c, d issues they will “die on” and the players don’t like them. The players threaten to dissolve their union, the league says go ahead and do it. The owners compromise, the players counter compromise, the owners think about it and see if they can squeeze a little more out…such exhilaration continues until both sides sign a piece of paper.


Sounds familiar right? However, all of us hockey suckers are bombarded on a daily basis with “breaking news” developments from the lockout. The latest being the players being upset at a comment Gary Bettman made that some GM’s regret some of the contracts they made and wish they could have a way to get rid of these contracts. Is that really news? It’s obvious to anyone with a pulse that there have been some preposterous contracts in the past and also obvious that likely the GM’S who made these deals wish they could have a mulligan.

Wade Redden...whoops

Wade Redden…whoops

I feel bad for the hockey reporters and experts that are being asked to constantly report on this fiasco. To keep viewers and readers, any little story/event/action/statement is built up to be something much bigger than it really is. What’s tomorrow’s Earth shattering tweet going to be? “Bettman picks nose while looking at Fehr, NHLPA furious at disrespectful dig, may disclaim…”

I respect these reporters and I understand they too have families to feed and are just doing their job. I do look forward to their expert opinions/insights as to the winners and losers of the CBA once the deal has finally been struck. However, until that time, why get mentally abused by this emotional rollercoaster the media is putting you through when there are so many other exciting sports you can watch. So stop constantly refreshing those browsers and maybe give some of the following a gander.

The NFL playoffs start this weekend and feature exciting matchups including a matchup of 2 of the most exciting, athletic QB’s in the league in Russell Wilson of the Seahawks and RGIII of the Redskins.  If you want to cheer for younger athletes, how about tuning in to the remaining NCAA college football bowl games especially Monday’s championship game featuring powerhouses Alabama and Notre Dame. You don’t like football? Well how about checking out the rejuvenated NBA with storylines a plenty including 2 teams people love to hate in the Lakers and the Heat, emerging powerhouses the Clippers and Thunder and an all of a sudden red hot Raptors team.

Ball? (Credit Image: © Gary W. Green/Orlando Sentinel/ZUMA Press)

Ball? (Credit Image: © Gary W. Green/Orlando Sentinel/ZUMA Press)

Yeah it sucks hockey is not around, but there’s so much more out there to take up your household chores time. So grab those remotes, quit watching re-runs of Gossip Girl with the wife and take back the TV.