So Gary What You Gunna Do for me?

So Gary’s sorry…yeah he damn right should be and so should all the NHL owners and the players. As I mentioned in my previous post I can’t wait to see what kinds of PR moves the NHL will try and pull post lockout. Gary says in the video above the league wants to make it up to the fans. So this post is about what I think the league should do to make us feel good about hockey again. I’ve read other articles and posts from fans and their wish list of post lockout gifts such as free tickets or free beer. In all honestly free shit is just never going to happen. Anyway, here’s my list, feel free to add in you ideas in the comments.

1) Team autograph and photo day

I lived in Edmonton from Age 5-7 and it was when the Oilers were in the middle of their dynasty. Every year the Oilers would have an autograph day where they would spread themselves all over West Edmonton mall and fans would have to go find the players to get autographs and pictures. It was always easy to figure out where Gretzky was since the line was hours long. I think teams around the league should all do a day such as this and let pervy cougars grope the players in photo opps or let old granny’s pinch their cheeks, etc. They deserve a little punishment…they’re big boys they can handle it.

Full contact autographs and pictures. Get ready Hank I'm sending my mom after you.

Full contact autographs and pictures. Get ready Hank I’m sending my mom after you.

2) A 3 day merchandise sale

The teams reap huge rewards off us suckers buying jerseys, hats, foam fingers, etc. Give back to the fans by doing a 72 hour sale. I’m thinking 50% would never fly, but I might consider dropping some cash if it got to at least 25% off and my purchase of over $100 gave me a free Canucks beer mug as well or maybe a Lu bobblehead (soon to be a collector’s item).

Come on...for 25% off you'd consider it

Come on…for 25% off you’d consider it

3) Gary Bettman comes to every arena at some point in the season to do a public apology before the game

I think it’s only fair for Gary to let us boo and possibly throw waffles at him at least once this season. This may appease some of the fans who can only get over the lockout with some form of mental abuse or violence.

Not sure why there's a pantless girl next to waffles...

Not sure why there’s a pantless girl next to waffles…

4) Monster discount on NHL Centre Ice TV package

This probably would never happen, but why not give a monster discount…I’m talking 50% for subscriptions. The league may get some suckers who fall in love with the package and end up paying full price for it next year.

5) ****(this is from the wife) Free back rubs from a player of her choice

Yeah I ran out of ideas and I asked the wife what she would want. Naturally a much studlier man rubbing her down was her choice. I see how it is…I see.

Dream on wifey

Dream on wifey