The Days of Our Pipes

Like sands through an hourglass...

Like sands through an hourglass…

The soap opera between the pipes continues in Vancouver. We have the young ginger hero who secured the absolute trust and undying love from the Canuck faithful after only playing a whopping 40% of the games last year and 30% the year before. This hero was to usurp the evil Italian French Canadian antagonist who is only the best goalie to ever put on a Canucks uniform and has been a consistent top tier goalie for years.

The fans were seemingly going to get their wish of eliminating the older and more proven goalie with a trade for a bag of pucks. However, in a shocking plot twist the villain has refused to die and instead has showed his haters he’s still got game. He’s also started to show the haters he’s not just a snobby overpaid millionaire, but a cool guy who you’d love to have a beer with. His media scrums have shown a calm, cool demeanor with a sense of humour and his Twitter feed has been a daily source of hilarity. His solid play along with his “I don’t care what you haters say, I’m just doing my job and having fun” attitude has somehow mindfucked the haters into now loving him again. This proves once again we have the most messed up fans in the league. We’ll boo the shat out of an all-star so that we can get a young unproven back-up to take his job, but then the next minute we’ll boo the shat out of the young guy for being young and cheer on the underdog veteran to take his job back. WTF? Just messed.

To make things even worse, we have RIDICULOUS sports media outlets who are trying to make the Vancouver goalie situation into the biggest controversy ever to hit professional sports. Are you serious? How can having two solid goalies be a bad thing? If one starts sucking, you put the other one in and the team doesn’t miss a beat. If one gets injured you have the other one who can step in. It would be a controversy if one or both of the guys involved started being a cancer for the team, pouting on the bench, trying to divide the locker room, etc. However, there is no evidence of either of these guys doing any of this. These two guys genuinely seem to have respect for each other.

I feel the love...can you?

I feel the love…can you?

I will admit, I really thought Lu was a goner after last season ended. He still might be, but his play so far this season has to have increased the asking price for his services. He’s come into this season with the right attitude. He seems more relaxed and seems to be relishing his underdog status.  I think this attitude has really helped out his game. He knows he has the ‘chosen one’ behind him so if he messes up oh well…he was expected to right? Because he’s just a piece of Swiss cheese to this town anyways.

So really Vancouver, stop listening to these media guys trying to stir crap up out of nothing. There are no problems with the goaltending in Vancouver. Just sit back and be happy that you have the best goalie tandem in the league (shut up St. Louis). Secondary scoring though…that’s a whole other post…