Frustrated Incorporated

How frustrated are you Canucks nation? With last night’s loss the Canucks have lost 4 in a row and are just 3-7 in their last 10 games. This recent skid now has them out of first place in the weak ass Northwest Division. The Canucks are also just 1 point away from being outside the playoff picture. All of the above has the city of Vancouver in rage mode looking for someone to blame.

Before we start pointing fingers lets take a hard look at this roster…

  • The Sedin’s are still magical when they are not getting crosschecked in the face by an opposing #1 d pairing
  • The rest of the forwards are all highly effective…grinders
  • There are 2 dependable d-men in Bieksa and Hamhuis. With a bright up and coming Chris Tanev not too far behind.
  • Luongo is the most expensive backup goalie currently playing in the NHL
  • Schneider was thought to be a slam dunk to be the goalie of the future, but his inconsistent play has made his #1 status questionable
  • Alex Edler is being paid like a #1 defenseman, but has often looked like the 6th best defenseman on the ice
  • Speaking of 6th defenseman, Jason Garrison is so far looking like the 2nd coming of Keith Ballard…another bust from Florida
  • Ryan Kelser is turning into a studlier Sami Salo, taking over as the Canucks new Mr. Glass. A brittle #2 centre who’s not a 40 goal scorer, but is depended on as one
  • The once loaded middle of the ice is now a team weakness
  • Max Lapierre is now depended on as the #1 faceoff man…far cry from having the ability to have Malholtra and Kesler out there for an important draw
  • There is ZERO offensive skill or creativity other than the Sedins. No danglers, no playmakers, no snipers, no one who can score on a frigging breakaway
  • Mason Raymond, Chris Higgins or Alex Burrows as your #2 centre…goooooooodnight
  • A former top five power play and penalty kill that all of a sudden blows chunks
With all the above, are you really that surprised at how the Canucks have fared so far this season?
Look at all the top teams in the league right now, the Hawks, Ducks, Kings, Bruins…heck even the Habs…they have SKILLED offensive players. Not just players who can skate up and down the ice and fall down, but players who can create, who can make that nice saucer pass, guys who can pick the top corner, guys who can score on a breakaway without relying on a twin to feed them a pass through 6 skates for a backdoor tap in.
Please just end this falling relationship

Please just end this falling relationship

The injuries to the 2 heart and soul players in Kesler and Bieksa hasn’t helped, but even with them this team is a shell of the 2010 team that went all the way to game 7 of the cup final.
Didn't think I'd miss you this much Sami

Didn’t think I’d miss you this much Sami

I’m still confident the Canucks will find a way to overtake the Wild and eek out another Northwest crown, but after that…unless Lu goes on a possessed Patrick Roy like playoff run (that’s right I said Lu) I don’t see much happening with the roster the way it currently is.
So to wrap things up who is to blame? The easy choice would be the coach, but he can only do so much with what he’s given. I think if anyone is to blame it’s the GM. His attempts at making this team better than the team that came one win from the cup just haven’t panned out. Here’s hoping when he makes his next big trade involving one of the goalies, he gets the better end of the deal for once.