2013 MLB Predictions

Yeah I know the season’s already a week old, but better late than ever to dish out my yearly MLB predictions. My predictions for last year weren’t too awful, I did pick the World Series match up correctly; however, I also picked Lincecum for the Cy Young. Ok so feel free to laugh at the following predictions.


  1. Toronto
  2. New York (w)
  3. Tampa Bay
  4. Boston
  5. Baltimore

Yup, a total biased pick here, but now is the time for my Blue Jays. The super powers in the Yankees and Red Sox are both ageing and not as formidable as they usually are. The Blue Jays have the deepest line-up and the best rotation in this division. The Jays have started off cold, but it’s only a matter of time before the line up starts putting up crooked numbers and the rotation starts shutting teams down.




  1. Detroit
  2. KC
  3. Chicago
  4. Minnesota
  5. Cleveland

This division is weak sauce so the defending AL champs should be able to win this division rather comfortably…although I said that last year and it wasn’t like they dominated the division. The Royals are loaded with talent, their rotation is somewhat decent for a change and they also have a solid bullpen…I think they’ll come close to a wild card this year.

KC Studs

KC Studs


  1. Texas
  2. LA (w)
  3. Seattle
  4. Oakland
  5. Houston

The Rangers are still the class of this division in my opinion. I like their rotation and bullpen much more than the Angels. Yeah the Angels have 3 of the most feared hitters in the game, but if they can’t stop the other team from scoring it won’t matter. Seattle is an up and coming team..watch Dustin Ackley go buck this year. Houston…yikes that’s an awful team.

Jurickson Profar. Will be a stud one day

Jurickson Profar. Will be a stud one day


  1. Atlanta
  2. Washington (w)
  3. Philadelphia
  4. New York
  5. Miami
Cy Young?

Cy Young?

This was a tough one for me to pick, but I really like Atlanta’s outfield and that’s what gives them the slight edge over the Nats. Both teams have strong rotations and bullpens, this will be a battle until the bitter end. I’ll give the Nats one of the wildcards.


  1. Cincinnati
  2. St. Louis
  3. Pittsburgh
  4. Milwaukee
  5. Chicago

If I had to choose a favourite team in the NL it would have to be the Reds. They have a strong lineup, a deep rotation and lights out bullpen. The Cards are a strong team as well and are likely to take at least a wildcard spot.

Canadian super stud

Canadian super stud


  1. Arizona
  2. San Francisco
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Colorado
  5. San Diego

I’m banking on a World Series hangover by the Giants this year. I’m thinking the Diamondbacks can challenge the champs this year for the NL West crown. They have the line up, rotation and bullpen to do it. The Dodgers have blown all of Magic Johnson’s money, but I just don’t trust that rotation past Kershaw.

Paul Goldschmidt and the Diamondbacks should give the Giants a run for their money.

Paul Goldschmidt and the Diamondbacks should give the Giants a run for their money.

Here are my trophy/hardware predictions for the season:

AL Winner: Toronto

NL Winner: Cincinnati

World Series Winner: Toronto

AL MVP: Jose Bautista

NL MVP: Joey Votto

AL CY Young: Yu Darvish

NL CY Young: Stephen Strasburg

AL Rookie of the Year: Wil Myers

NL Rookie of the Year: Adam Eaton

AL Batting Champ: Miguel Cabrera

NL Batting Champ: Joey Votto

AL HR King: Jose Bautista

NL HR King: Jay Bruce