Mike Gillis is the Best GM Ever…

If you’re a fan of any other team than the Canucks.

Great trade Mike. Thank you for shatting on my investment.

Great trade Mike. Thank you for shatting on my investment.

Where does one even start when speaking of Mike Gillis? How about the small trade that happened on Sunday? Yeah, that was amazing wasn’t it? Trading away a guy you just gave an extension to and anointed as the friggin’ “chosen one” is shocking. However, what is pure filth is trading said messiah for a guy who at minimum will take 2-3 years to make the roster, if he even does make it. The Canucks were already on shaky ground in terms of public perception before this trade. Now the Canucks are the laughing stock of the entire league. How do you spin that trade positively? Well, Mike Gillis thought he could. His post trade ramblings made him look like an idiot. Really? You were planning this all along Mr. Gillis? Humiliating your 35 year contract goalie (yeah, I understand I’m exaggerating) by publicly saying he wasn’t in the long term plans and then completely switching gears and now begging him to stay and play hard for y0u? What a joke! If I was Bobby Lu I would have sharted my pants laughing when I heard the news. This won’t happen because Lu is a true professional, but if I was him I’d holdout from training camp until I was traded just to screw with Gillis.

Of course this whole goalie debacle was created by Gillis many moons ago. Signing Luongo until he gets his senior citizens card is unforgivable. However, not trading Lu or Cory before last season was far worse.  If you believe Gillis’ rantings yesterday that it was his plan all along to trade Cory…could you imagine the package he could of got if he traded Cory earlier? Was it all part of pure genius maybe? You know, creating a goalie controversy and then making it clear to anyone with a brain that you are desperate to move one of the goalies on the cheap? BRILLIANT FORETHOUGHT! I would hate to face Gillis in a chess game.

What else can we rant about? Keith Ballard, David Booth, Derek Roy, Alex Edler, Mason Raymond, every draft pick he’s ever made…

Some people may argue that Gillis hasn’t been all that bad. He was the GM when we were 1 game from the Cup…that’s definitely true, but the skeleton of the best Canucks team ever assembled was created by a regime that Gillis took over for. Since that Cup run Gillis has mismanaged this roster into the dirt. Where can he go from here? He knows he’s been terrible and you just know there are going to be some more desperate moves coming up. Obviously no one likes getting fired so he’ll make whatever moves necessary to try and keep his job. His shopping list will be immense. He needs big time help up the middle, he needs some skill and size up front, he needs some more depth on d…

But most importantly, if he really cares about this franchise, he needs to acquire prospects and some draft picks…to help his successor build this team back up after his disastrous reign ends after this season.

Rant complete.